The Ruins of the Perished is a longer level with 35 experience potions to find and two secret chests. There’s quite a few skeletons spawning here so be prepared for a few battles. I’ll go through the locations of all of the potions below and give you tips on how to get past some of the puzzles.


1) The first secret chest is found with potions 10, 11 and 12 after climbing up the rock face with spikes. Inside is the Amulet of Fortitude which increases maximum health by 10%.

2) The second secret chest is found with the last two potions of the level. You’ll need to jump up from the swinging log to reach them. Inside is found the Red Masterstone which either increases the maximum number of planks for the wizard or increases the knight’s health by 10%.



Trine Level 11 Potion 1Immediately behind the start location. Use the wizards plank to get up to it.


Trine Level 11 Potion 2On a beam above the first moving platform.


Trine Level 11 Potion 3Behind a stone at the other end of the moving platform.


Trine Level 11 Potion 4 and 5The next two potions are to the left and right as you drop down from the broken bridge.

5) On a ledge to the right of the previous potion.


Trine Level 11 Potion 6 and 7Dive directly down to find the next to potions.

7) Next to potion 6.

8) Swim across to the right and up into a small room to find the next checkpoint. There is nothing else here so dive back down and to the right for the next two potions.

Trine Level 11 Potion 8 and 9To the bottom right of the lake.

9) Next to potion 8.

10) Swim up past the spikes and put a platform or box to get to the top of the rock wall on the left side. You’ll also need to use Pontius to use the thunder hammer on the wall to the right. This won’t break the wall but it will be close enough to break the boards so you can swim up to the other side. Potion 13 may fall down when you do this.

Trine Level 11 Potion 10, 11 and 12 and secret 1After climbing up the rock face you’ll find 3 potions and the first secret chest.

11) To the left of potion 10.

12) Next to potion 11.

13) On a ledge on the other side of the wall. It may drop down when Pontius uses the thunder hammer to break the boards.


Trine Level 11 Potion 14On a beam to the right and higher up from where potion 13 was originally located. You can shoot it off with an arrow.


Trine Level 11 Potion 15On a ledge to the right of the spinning platform.


Trine Level 11 Potion 16On top of some boulders held up by a board. Use a fire arrow or Pontius to break the board and release the boulders.


Trine Level 11 Potion 17On a beam to the right of the swinging log and flappy platforms.


Trine Level 11 Potion 18 and 19Get the giant swinging log moving. You’ll have to jump on the flappy platforms at the same time as the swinging log is nearest to you. Jump to the log and then to the potions on the beam.

19) Next to potion 18.


Trine Level 11 Potion 20After you defeat the skeletons head to the room to the right and on a ledge in the top left corner is the potion.


Level 11 Potion 21 and 22The next two potions are hidden behind a rock wall. Use the wizard to move the rocks out of the way before collecting them.

22) Next to potion 21.


Level 11 Potion 23 and 24You’ll need to set up the flappy platforms so you can jump to these potions on the beam. Watch the video if you’re not sure how to do this.

24) Next to potion 23.


e Level 11 Potion 25 and 26On a rock ledge in the next area.

26) Next to potion 25.


Trine Level 11 Potion 27In the lake under the wooden platform.

Boss Fight

Trine Level 11 Boss FightYou’ll need to fight another giant goblin or orc. When you drop down the flappy platforms jump to the right to face him. He may knock you off quickly and even fall off himself. Hit him in the back to kill him.


Trine Level 11 Potion 28On a ledge after defeating the boss. Use a small plank to knock it down. Plank up the area near the spikes so you don’t lose the potion.


Trine Level 11 Potion 29On some boards in the middle of a pool of poisonous water.


Trine Level 11 Potion 30

At the end of the first broken bridge.


Trine Level 11 Potion 31

At the beginning of the next part of the bridge.


Trine Level 11 Potion 32On a rock platform at the end of the pool of poisonous water.


Trine Level 11 Potion 33On a rock ledge after entering the ruins.


 Level 11 Potion 34 and 35Swing the giant log as high as you can and then jump up to the right for the last two potions and secret chest.

35) Next to potion 34.

Keep going into the Heartland Mines, level 12.