Wolvercote Catacombs is a fairly easy level. There aren’t too many skeletons and the potions are easy to find. You’ll also encounter your first boss fight in this level. Wolvercote Catacombs has 20 experience potions and 2 secret chests.

Secret Chests

1) The first secret chest is found on the ledge next to potion 7. Inside is the Amulet of Mana Gain which restores 1 point of mana to the wearer for each monster killed when the wearer is not the active character.

2) The second secret chest is found just under potion 18 and contains the Mana Vial which automatically restores 30% of mana when it is used up. It gets reloaded every time you pass a checkpoint.

Experience Potions


Trine Level 3 Potion 1Walk straight to the right and continue down the steps.


Trine Level 3 Potion 2 and 3On a platform above potion 1 is potion 2 and 3. Use the thief to grapple up there and swing onto the platform.

3) Next to potion 2.


Trine Level 3 Potion 4To the right of the two fireball throwers. Use the wizard to make a box or two to help you jump up to it.


Trine Level 3 Potion 5After heading down the grate in the floor the potion is on a plank to the right. The wizard can easily flip this plank over to drop the potion to the ground.


Trine Level 3 Potion 6The next experience potion is directly above the next checkpoint. Use the thief to grapple up and grab it.


Trine Level 3 Potion 7 and Secret 1From potion 6 jump to the ledge up and to the right. Then up and to the left to find potion 7 and the first secret chest for the level.

Skeleton Boss)

Trine Level 3 Skeleton BossIn the next room is the Skeleton Boss! You can only hurt him by hitting him in the head. The skeleton will crouch low to attack so block first and then counter strike while the head of the skeleton is still low enough to hit.


Trine Level 3 Potion 8In the next room is the Strength of the Titans skill for the knight which allows him to use the shield to pick up and throw objects. The potion is on a couple of crates on a ledge. Use the wizard to bring them down.


Trine Level 3 Potion 9Potion 9 is directly below the ledge to the right.


Trine Level 3 Potion 10This potion is hard to get to in single-player. Use the wizard to make a tower of boxes and then jump up to the potion.


Trine Level 3 Potion 11The next to platforms are connected together. When one goes up the other goes down. Stand on the first one and use a box or the wizard to lower the other one. Jump across to potion 11.


Trine Level 3 Potion 12On a box held in place by a rope. Use the thief to cut the rope and the potion will drop to the ground.


Trine Level 3 Potion 13On a platform to the right of potion 12.


Trine Level 3 Potion 14Use the wizard to draw some boxed over the spikes and jump up to grab the potion. Watch out for the fireballs!


Trine Level 3 Potion 15In the room with lots of skeletons on one of the platforms.


Trine Level 3 Potion 16To the platform on the top left of potion 15. Use the thief to grapple up and swing onto the ledge with the potion.


Trine Level 3 Potion 17On a ledge just after the checkpoint.


Trine Level 3 Potion 18 and Secret 2On a ledge to the left of potion 17. Impale a box on the spikes to the left so you can jump on it and up onto the ledge. The second secret chest is also here.


Trine Level 3 Potion 19On a ledge near the spider webs. Use the thief to dangle underneath and then swing up onto the ledge.


Trine Level 3 Potion 20The last potion of the level and a tricky one to grab. Use the wizard to set up the 3rd and 4th platforms so the 3rd platform is high enough for the knight to swipe at the wooden platforms which holds the potion. I found it easiest to put boxes under the fourth platform and weigh it down to lift up the third platform and get it to the right height.

Congratulations, you’ve just completed the Wolvercote Catacombs! Continue on to Trine level 4 which is called the Dragon Graveyard.