Crystal Caverns is an interesting level and the first time you get to dive into crystal clear water. Another beautiful level with 30 potions to find and two more secret chests. Watch out for falling rocks in this level!


1) The first secret chest is found next to potion 12 and 13. Inside is the Amulet of Sacrifice that uses health for mana if your mana runs out.

2) On a ledge with potion 21. Inside you’ll find the Enchanted Mana Crystal which will improve the effect of mana vials by 20%.



Trine Level 5 Potion 1On a wooden plank near to the start of the level.


Trine Level 5 Potion 2On the wooden beam just next to the first checkpoint.


Trine Level 5 Potion 3 and 4On a rock ledge to the right of the first checkpoint.

4) Same location as potion 3.


Trine Level 5 Potion 5Break through the wall with the rock fist. The potion is on a beam on the other side.


Trine Level 5 Potion 6Drop down just before the bridge to pick up the potion.


Trine Level 5 Potion 7 and 8Dive into the water and swim to the cave to the right.

8) next to potion 7.


Trine Level 5 Potion 9On the edge of the lake behind a box.


Trine Level 5 Potion 10 and 11To the top left of the area on a rock ledge. The thief can’t grapple up there so you’ll need the wizard to make a box and plank to get there.

11) On the same ledge as potion 10.


Trine Level 5 Potion 12 and 13A skeleton will break the bridge before you get a chance to walk over it. Use the thief to grapple up and take the two potions. The secret chest is also here.

13) Same location as potion 12.


Trine Level 5 Potion 14 and 15Dive into the water and stay to the left hand side. Enter the underwater cavern to find the next two potions.

15) Next to potion 14.


Trine Level 5 Potion 16Continue diving down to the very bottom of the water.


Trine Level 5 Potion 17Use the wizards boxes on the spikes to climb up the cave walls. On the left is potion 17.


Trine Level 5 Potion 18Jump to the rock ledge to the left.


Trine Level 5 Potion 19

Follow the boulder down and drop down to the ledge with potion 19.


Trine Level 5 Potion 20Across the beams with spikes above and below. The last beam has the potion. Watch for a falling rock half way across.


Trine Level 5 Potion 21 and Secret 2On a rock ledge on the other side of the small lake. Use a box and a plank to get across. The second secret chest is here as well.


Trine Level 5 Potion 22Dive under the water to pick up potion 22 on the left.


Trine Level 5 Potion 23 and 24In the area where the platforms are coming out of the water the first potion is on a platform near the cliff face on the left side.

24) Potion 24 is under a platform to the right of potion 23. See picture above.


Trine Level 5 Potion 25The hardest potion to find so far and I missed it in the video at the top. From potion 24 use the wizard to lift up the rock fist on the same platform and drop it into the water. The boards, which are barely visible at the bottom of the water will break, allowing you to dive down into an underwater cavern.


Trine Level 5 Potion 26 and 27Just below potion 25.

27) In the same location as 26.


Trine Level 5 Potion 28On top of the second large platform.


Trine Level 5 Potion 29Use the swing to jump across to the rock ledge and pick up potion 29.


Trine Level 5 Potion 30In the swampy forest with poisoned water. On the ledge to the far right.

I hope you were able to find all of those potions. Continue now to the Crypt of the Damned.