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Protect Schnappleburg

Magic Items: Sword of Might

Enemy Units: 1 x Goblin Stickers, 1 x Goblin Wolf Riders

Deployment: Place the Grudgebringer Cavalry (GC) opposite the Goblin Stickers and get ready to attack with them once the battle begins. The Grudgebringer Infantry (GI) can hide. When a unit is hidden from all enemy units a little tree icon will appear on their shield.

Strategy: As soon as the battle begins shoot a fireball at the Goblin Stickers with the GC and then charge into them. If you order the GC to attack they will charge automatically once they’re in range.

The GI should move north around the west side of the clump of trees. Leave them facing north so they can be ready to face any goblins. Pretty soon Goblin Wolf Riders will appear from the north. They will probably get the charge off on the GI. Hopefully they’ll hold their ground until your Cavalry can come to their aid. Once the GC wipe out the Stickers then have them move around behind the Wolf Riders and charge into the fray. Pretty soon the Wolf Riders will flee.

Once the battlefield is clear move your GI to the shiny spot between the path and the clump of trees. They’ll find the Sword of Might which makes it easier to inflict wounds in combat.

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