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Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 3 x Goblin Wolf Riders, 1 x Orc Boar Boyz

Deployment: Place the Mercenary Crossbows (MC) in the south-west corner with the Grudgebringer Cavalry (GC) next to them. Place Allor, the Amber Wizard (AW) on the other side of the cavalry and have both of Carlsson’s Guard (CG) in front of them to act as a meat shield. I didn’t bring the Grudgebringer Infantry because they needed a rest but if you bring them or the Black Avengers have them a little behind to help out if needed.

Strategy: As soon as the first unit of Goblin Wolf Riders get into range start firing with your Crossbows. Cast a Hunting Spear if you have the magic and with the combined fire hopefully the Riders will run away.

Wait for the Orc Boar Boyz to get into range and cast Curse on them to slow them down. This can often cause them to flee as well. Target the next closest unit with the Crossbows.

Hopefully at least two of the units will flee before they get close. When a unit does get close hold them up with Carlsson’s Guard and then swing around and attack from the sides or back with the Grudgebringer Cavalry. Finish off any remaining units with the Crossbows and Wizard.

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