Magic Items: Dread Banner

Enemy Units: 2 x Grey Seers, 4 x Stormvermin, 5 x Clanrat Warriors

Deployment: Along with the Grudgebringer Cavalry bring the Amber Wizard, Celestial Wizard, Ceridan, Canon Crews (if you still have them) and one more infantry unit to protect the cannons.

Strategy: The most difficult part of this mission is the 2 Grey Seers. They have the Madness spell that turns your units against each other.

Send the Celestial Wizard forwards and cast Wind Blast from the side of the cliff on the right and out towards the center of the map. This will force the Skaven to walk around the blast and give you valuable time. Send Allor forwards and cast Flock of Doom on as many Skaven as possible.

Have the Cannon Crews target any Skaven that start to get close. Once the Grey Seers are in range either cast Hunting Spears at them to kill them or send your cavalry and infantry to try and run them down. If you’ve taken out most of the Skaven units send your whole army at the Grey Seers.

The Dread Banner can be found on the eastern side of the map but I found it was too close to the eastern wall for my units to get close enough to pick it up.

If you complete the Extermination mission you won’t be attacked by Skaven on the final path to Loren. If you miss this mission you’ll be ambushed twice along the way.

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