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Iron Fort

Magic Items: None

Enemy Units: 5 x Clanrat Warriors, 6 x Stormvermin

Deployment: For this mission I brought the Grudgebringer Cavalry and Infantry, the Amber Wizard, all the Dwarves and the Leitdorf 9th Crossbowmen.

Bring Allor forwards to slow the advance of the Skaven army. For the other units hold them back behind the pillar and line them up with the infantry units protecting the line of crossbowmen.

Strategy: Send Allor forwards to cast Curse/Tanglethorn/Flock of Doom on the advancing Skaven. He can Curse on to slow them down, Tangle another to stop them completely and Flock of Doom any others if he has the magic points.

Once the Skaven get close to your army fire on them with the three units of Crossbows. Charge into any that don’t flee with the Grudgebringers.

Once the first wave is dealt with send your army forwards. There are more Skaven hiding around the corner to the right. Continue moving forwards until you can target the Skaven patrolling by the gate to the north. Once you get close enough the Dwarves will run out and flee to the south.

Hold your ground and watch out for Skaven entering the battlefield through the tunnels to the east and west. Finish off any remaining Skaven and then head back to the camp.

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