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Shattered Pass

Magic Items: Potion of Strength

Enemy Units: 5 x Black Orcs, 1 x Troll, 2 x Orc Arrer Boyz, 1 x Night Goblins, 1 x Goblin Stickers, 2 x Doom Divers

Deployment: Bring your entire army, you’ll need them. You will get a third unit off Carlsson’s Guard for this mission. Place the Mortar Crews on the eastern edge of the deployment zone. The Amber Wizard should be on the northern edge, closest to the oncoming army. Place the three units of Carlsson’s in front of the rest of your army. They’re going to face the brunt of the Orc charges. The Cavalry should be off to the sides so they can hopefully get in a side or rear charge on the enemy units.

Strategy: The Shattered pass is one of the most difficult and frustrating missions of this game. You can expect to have multiple attempts at completing this mission.

As soon as the battle begins move Allor forwards a little so the Troll will go after him. The Troll is fast and will reach you first. Have the Mortar Crew to target the nearest Black Orc units. You’ll need to get lucky with some of your shots to make it through this mission.

When the Troll is close enough start casting Hunting Spears at it. If you don’t kill it retreat with Allor and charge the troll with Ragnar’s Wolves. They should have the Sword of Might from a previous mission which gives them a bonus when attacking large creatures.

If you get lucky some of the Black Orcs will flee. When they do change targets with the Mortar Crew and start firing at the next closest unit. The Mercenary Crossbows need to be firing at the Greenskins as they approach as well. Hopefully two or three units will flee before you get into the midst of battle.

It’s important that Carlsson’s Guard take the brunt of the charge when the Orcs eventually get close enough. Charge from the sides with your Cavalry and other Infantry units. You can’t face these Orcs head on. You’ll need to force many of them to flee or get lucky with the Mortar Crew.

Once the main Orc army has been defeated send your units up to finish off the Orc Arrer Boyz and Doom Divers. Search the north-eastern corner of the map for a Potion of Strength and then head back to camp.

On my PC version of this game there are no reinforcements after this battle.

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