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If you chose the Scoia’tael at the end of Chapter 1 then you’ll begin this chapter by playing as Prince Stennis. There’s no map for this quest as there’s only one path to follow. Walk through the ravines, with Saskia by your side, towards the tent where you’ll meet with King Henselt and negotiate for Vergen.

When you reach the tent you’ll discover the nobles are trying to cut a deal with King Henselt before you even arrived. Henselt will threaten you with his large army. You can either stay resolute or offer to surrender. Either way a fight will break out and you’ll be forced to fight against King Henselt and Dethmold. Once you’ve done enough damage to either of them Henselt will smash a priest against a stone and a curse will be activated.

After the cut-scene Geralt arrives with his friend. You’ll be playing as Geralt again and must go with the others to escape the mist. Philippa Eilhart, the powerful sorceress, will turn into an owl, and prepare a shield spell.

You’ll face off against wave after wave of Specters, and finally a couple of Draugirs. Once one of the Draugirs has been killed make sure you loot it because you won’t get a chance one the second one has been killed.

Follow Saskia and Philippa while remaining within her protective shield. Along the way the Wraiths will try to disrupt Philippa’s shield. Kill the Wraiths while avoiding the Specters and continue on your journey. This will happen once or twice more so try to keep your Vitality full.

Eventually you’ll reach the edge of the mist and enter the dwarven town of Vergen. This will unlock the quest The War Council.

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