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  1. Philippa Eilhart
  2. Zoltan
  3. Oil Winch
  4. Inner Gate
  5. Inner Walls
  6. Secret Tunnels
  7. Dethmold
  8. Ladders
  9. Gate Winch
  10. Zoltan and Dandelion

Once you’ve completed The Eternal Battle speak with Philippa (1) to find out that Saskia has recovered and ready to defend Vergen in the upcoming battle. Make your way towards the Main Gates (2) to speak with Zoltan. You’ll notice that barricades have been placed around the city in preparation for the Kaedweni attack.

Speak with Zoltan to find out that the army is going to attack at any moment. During the conversation the battle begins. Follow Zoltan’s instructions and battle your way to the Winch (3). Quickly left-click to use the winch and pour buring oil on the Kaedweni soldiers below. Return to Zoltan at the Main Gates (2).

Next head to Sheldon at the Inner Gates (4). He’ll close the gates you enter. Climb up onto the Inner Walls (5) and watch Saskia as she gives a speech to her soldiers. Soon the Kaedwenis will bring up ladders and attempt to mount the walls. Defeat all the incoming soldiers. Using the Aard sign as the soldiers come up from the ladders works really well. They’ll fly off the wall to their death.

After the first few waves Zoltan will have a short conversation with you before the battle heats up again. Defeat the Kaedwenis once more until Saskia approaches you, telling you that she sent a scout to secure the entrance to the tunnels beneath Vergen. The scouts haven’t returned so she wants you to go and investigate.

Follow Saskia to the entrance to the Secret Tunnels (6) and explore the tunnels until you come across Dethmold (7) with his bodyguards. Dethmold will cast fireballs and lightning bolts. He also has a shield and teleport spell. Once all of the soldiers are defeated Dethmold will cast a fireball at you and nearly burn you to death. It’s at this moment that Saskia transforms into a dragon and chases Dethmold away.

After a long conversation with Saskia return to the surface (6). Zoltan will be waiting for you outside. He tells you that King Henselt has come to lead the attack on Vergen. If you saved the trolls in Where is Triss Merigold? they’ll be here to help fend of the Kaedwenis.

Back at the top of the walls (5) Saskia is rallying her troops to repell the invasion. Fight of the Kaedwenis once more. Once you’ve defeated the first wave Iorveth will appear with his highly trained archers.

In the meantime Dethmold has damaged the front gate. Zoltan thinks he can repair it but you’ll need to move quickly. Head down the Ladder (8) to reach Iorveth. Follow him and Zoltan back to the Main Gate Winch (9).

Zoltan will close the gates and prevent the King and his men from gaining entrance. Henselt surrenders once he realizes he has no hope of storming Vergen. Saskia forces Henselt to sign a paper promising he’ll never cross the Pontar again. She then goes on to execute Dethmold. Saskia is not acting her usual self and Iorveth instantly notices.

Follow Saskia and Philippa to Philippa’s House (1) but when you enter they’ll teleport away to Loc Muinne. You at least get a chance to search the house. Inside you’ll find a book Venoms and Poisons and the recipe for the poison that injured Saskia. The ingredient that is missing is the Rose of Remembrance. Philippa must have used it to cast a mind domination spell on Saskia.

Make your way to see Zoltan and Dandelion (10). Once you say goodbye you and Iorveth will travel to Loc Muinne for the commencement of Chapter 3.

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