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  1. Saskia’s House
  2. Philippa’s House
  3. Tavern
  4. Male Troll
  5. She-Troll
  6. Mist Entrance (Vergen Side)
  7. Mist Exit (To Kaedwen)
  8. Roche
  9. Madame Carol
  10. Cave Entrance
  11. Golem
  12. Exit to Nilfgaardian Camp
  13. Cliffs
  14. Back Entrance to Kaedwen Camp
  15. Gate
  16. Cave Entrance (Alternative)
  17. Malget’s Notes
  18. Philippa Eilhart
  19. Mist Exit (To Vergen)

Where is Triss Merigold will pick up in Chapter 2 after you complete The Walls Have Ears (1) quest. Make your way to Philippa’s House (2) to pick up your next clue on where to find Triss.

A drunkard at the Tavern (3) apparently has a strange story about a redhead falling from the sky. Could it be Triss? There’s no-one else who has any clues so this is the only lead to follow. The drunkard’s name is Martus Birut and of course he wants a drink before he’ll talk to you. He says that he last saw the girl with a Troll somewhere in the Ravines.

Make your way to the Male Troll (4) and he’ll tell you that he found Triss in the ravines and nursed her back to health. His she-troll partner became jealous and ran off with Triss’ Bandana. Soon Triss recovered and also went her own way.

Head over to the She-Troll (5). When you get there you’ll see she’s being attacked by Adam Pangratt and his mercenaries. You can either help the mercenaries or the troll. If you help the troll she’ll give you Triss’ Bandana, otherwise you’ll need to loot it from her body. If you return to the Male Troll (4) and promise to keep the she-troll safe from harm you’ll be given the Troll Horn which can be used to summon trolls when you’re in need. They’ll fight for you in Vergen later.

Go back and see Phillipa (2) with Triss’ Bandana and she should be able to locate Triss. During the conversation you’ll hear a mob shouting outside. This is part of the Royal Blood quest and you’ll need to complete that quest first before continuing with this one.

Once you’ve dealt with Stennis in Royal Blood go back and see Philippa. She says she senses something on the other side of the mist. When you’re ready meet her at the Mist Entrance (6).

Follow Philippa through the mist. She’ll turn into an owl and cast a protective shield for the most part but when the wraiths appear to disrupt the spell you’ll need to kill them before continuing. When you reach the other side of the Mist (7) she’ll tell you that she can’t continue because Dethmold will sense her. You’ll have to travel the rest of the way on your own.

Make your way to #8 where you’ll run into a courier with an interesting Figurine. If you look closely it looks like Triss. At this moment Roche will approach. He’s furious that you sided with Iorveth but nevertheless will agree to help you find Triss. From here you can either sneak through the Kaedweni camp or go through the caves. There’s an entrance in the brothel.

Cave Entrance Under the Brothel

If you chose to go through the caves head to the brothel camp and speak with Madam Carole (9). Bribe her with 400 Orens and she’ll tell you about a secret entrance to the caves but warns you about the monsters inside. Enter the tent and go through the trapdoor to the caves. You begin in the caves at #10.

The caves are populated with Bullvores and Rotfiends but the most difficult is the Golem (11). It’s worth taking it on because he guards a valuable treasure, the Armor of Ban Ard. Once you are done make your way to the Cave Exit (12) which leads out to the Nilfgaardian Camp. You’ll be stopped by a soldier and asked to proceed unarmed. If you took this path skip “Sneaking through the Camp” below.

Sneaking through the Camp

Make your way to the Cliffs (13) and then perform a few jump to reach the Kaedweni Camp (14). Your goal is to go through the western gate. Sneak around the Cantina and wait for the patrols to pass.

As you’re sneaking around the tents you may come across a cook who’ll start shouting out. You’ll need to silence him with the Axii sign. Wait for any more patrols coming back through the Western Gate (15) and then go through yourself.

Enter the Cave (16) and kill the Golem (11) if you want the Armor of Ban Ard before heading to the Cave Exit (12) to the Nilfgaardian Camp. You’ll be met by a soldier and asked to go ahead unarmed.

The Nilfgaardian Camp

Sile will lead you through the Nilfgaardian camp. She’ll then search you and find the Figurine which she reveals is actually Triss who is under a spell called Artifact Compression. You’ll also learn the Cynthia is not only Philippa’s apprentice but a Nilfgaardian spy.

You’ll be sentenced to death for knowing too much but Roche and Ves will come in to save the day. You’ll need to fight off a mage, Vanhemar, and a few soldiers. Once they’ve been defeated you can search Vanhemar’s body for the Armor of Loc Muinne. You’ll also find the Song of the Hunt and Shilard’s Letter to the Emperor in one of the tents.

If you don’t have a vial of royal blood for the Royal Blood quest this is the time to do it. Ask Roche to help get you an audience with King Henselt.

While you’re on this side of the mist you may also want to pick up an item. Visit the House (17) and use Aard to remove the barrels outside. Open the trapdoor and drop down to the basement. Inside you’ll find Malget’s Notes. These are used later in Chapter 3.

Head back to Philippa who’s waiting for you by the Mist (18) and follow her back through the mist to the Vergen side (19). Lastly go back to Philippa’s House (2) to recap the events and to receive your reward, the Negotiator Silver Sword.

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