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The Dark Templar


Exterminate the Protoss Intruders

Kerrigan Must Survive

You begin this mission with an already established base in the top left corner of the map. Begin by mutating a bunch of Drones and use them to harvest Minerals and Gas. You’ll also want a second, and probably a third, Hatchery so you can build your forces more quickly.

Send out a Mutalisk or two to explore the map and find out where the Protoss forces are located. To complete this mission you’ll need to destroy all of the Protoss structures.

You can expand towards two areas with Minerals and Gas Vents. One is directly to the east of your main base, and the other is directly to the south. The main Protoss force is in the bottom right corner of the map.

For this mission you’ll have access to Zerg Guardians. They mutate from Mutalisks. They have much greater hitting power but they’re defenceless against flying units. For this reason it’s good to mutate only about half of your Mutalisks into Guardians.

Once you have around 3 units of Mutalisks and Guardians you’ll be able to start sweeping them through the Protoss base. Once all of the Protoss structures have been destroyed Tassadar will challenge Kerrigan to a one-on-one battle in the central arena.

Use an Overlord to transport Kerrigan to the central island and battle with Tassadar. He’s only a hologram so Kerrigan will win almost instantly and the mission will be complete.

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