This chapter begins at Triss’ House. After having a conversation with her you’ll find out that you’ve been invited to A Posh Reception. You’ll continue your investigation into the Salamadra cell as well as track down The Source. You’ll also notice in this chapter that there are mounting tensions between the Order of the Flaming Rose and the Scoia’tael.

Story Quests

A Posh Reception
The Source
Lock and Key
Following the Thread
Reaping Time
Diplomacy and Hunting
Gold Rush
The Viziman Connection
The Unforgiven

Side Quests

All the King’s Men
Beauty and the Beast
Blue Eyes
Dandelion’s Lute
Dice Poker: The Sharper
Echoes of Yesterday
Medic in Distress
Six Feet Under
The Predatory Wyvern (Trophy Quest)
The Ring
White Fang (Trophy Quest)
Won’t Hurt a Bit

Map Locations

1) Triss’ House
2) Alchemist’s Workshop
3) House of the Night
4) Watchtower
5) Royal Huntsman
6) Armorer
7) New Narakort Inn
8) Herbalist’s House
9) Merchant’s House
10) Marketplace
11) Gambling Den
12) Warehouse
13) Bank
14) Town Hall
15) Radovid’s Hideout

A) Gate to the Temple Quarter
B) Gate to the Cemetery

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