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Tomb of the Architect


Gold Point Challenge: 65000
Time Trial: 7:00
Collect 5 Red Skulls
Survive the Trap without taking damage

Destroy all Arrow Traps (24)

This is the last normal level for the game. When you enter you’ll get a little cutscene of the heroes looking at a mural of Set and Osiris. The gold point challenge is not too difficult for this level.

Head down the stairs, past the ice vents and destroy the first Arrow Traps. Jump across the frozen gears, destroy a few more traps and stand on the pressure plate to turn off the vents.

Jump back across the gears, take out the enemies and head past the vents. Make your way down the stairs and you’ll be attacked by the exploding monks. Take them out, jump across the rotating gears, grabbing the Max Ammo Upgrade along the way.

On the other side you’ll see a time bomb. Let the first one explode while you deal with the Scarabs. When the next one drops down place it on the pressure plate and use the staff to slow down or speed up the gears so you can get across.

Head across the bridge and jump to the revolving gear. Take out the enemies on the other side and use the staff to trigger the mark of Set and turn off the vents.

Head down the stairs and take out the Arrow Traps at the bottom. You can use the Rocket Launcher to destroy them from a distance.

Revolving Gears Puzzles

Jump across the revolving gears and over to the small gears on the right for Red Skull #1.

Jump over to the gear by the switch and hit it when the two marks of Set are in line. Use the staff to trigger them both and turn off the ice vents.

Before heading down the stairs use the staff to lift up the pillar and grab the High Powered Rifle.

Now head down the stairs hit the two switches so that the two marks of Set are in line. Use the staff to trigger them and open the way forwards.

The Trap

When you jump on the next gear the ice vents will trigger. This is “The Trap” and you need to get through it without taking damage to complete one of the challenges.

Take out the enemies and remove the marks of Set. Use the grapple to climb up the wall behind you and trigger the mark of Set to remove the flames.

Flame Gears

Drop down and continue to the right. Use the grapple to swing across the first flame gear to the stairs on the other side.

Take out the enemies and stand on the pressure plate to remove the flame vents. Be sure to take out the Arrow Traps on the other side before jumping all the way across.
This should be the last of the Arrow Traps. Behind one of them on the right side of the ledge you’ll find Red Skull #2.

Jump all the way across to the walkway, then time your jumps up to the pressure plate.

When you stand on it the two flame vents will turn off. Continue to the right and pull out the golden handle. This lifts up a ledge so you can jump across. Use the staff to slow down the rotating gear.

On the other side grapple up to the higher walkway, take out the enemies and continue up the stairs. Navigate past the rotating gears and climb up the flame wall. Drop off the edge on the left side for Red Skull #3.

Quickly run up the crumbling stairs and clear out the enemies. Make your way across a number of flame gears, grabbing the Max Health Upgrade in the top if you want it. You’ll need to jump over the static flames to reach it.

Take the bath leading to the right and you’ll be ambushed by skeletons. Destroy all the jars at the end of the path because behind them you’ll find Red Skull #4.

Gear & Switch Puzzle

Run up the stairs to the gear and switch puzzle.

Hit the switch to lift up the wooden ledge on the top right. Jump over to it and stand on the pressure plate. Jump back to the gear, hit the switch again and jump over to the right. Stand on the pressure plate which gives access to the third pressure plate below. Stand on that one and ll the flames will go out.

Take the exit to the right and head down the path for a chase scene.

Ammit Chase Scene

Run across the gears as Ammit chases you from behind. Ignore the enemies. About half way through take the pillars to the right and step on the pressure plate. This turns off the flames ahead.

Continue along the right side for Red Skull #5.

Finish off the chase sequence and exit the tomb. At the end you’ll find the final piece of the Osiris statue.


Leave the Cliffside and make your way back to the Shrine of Osiris.

Shrine of Osiris

After the cutscene enter into the shrine. Turn the outer lever to banish the cold and remove the snow. When you come out the fully formed statue of Osiris will point you back towards the Pyramid.

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