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Level 3: Tomb of the Silversmith


Gold Point Challenge: 50000
Time Trial: 6:00
Collect 5 Red Skulls
Skewer 10 Scarabs on spike traps
Kill a large shield skeleton with Apep’s Spitfire
Defeat Apep in under 3:30

At the entrance pick up the Max Health Upgrade hiding on the left side.

Mirror Puzzles

Head up the stairs and use the mirrors to trigger the 3 Marks of Set.

In the next room, before you destroy the vases, jump on top of the ones in the corner for Red Skull #1.

Then move the mirror around to face the Marks of Set and use it to trigger both of them. This opens the gate to the next room.

When you enter the next room the gate will close behind you. You’ll need to run around and skewer 10 Scarabs on the spikes if you want to complete that challenge.

When you’re done roll the fire ball over to Red Skull #2 so you can pick it up.

Then roll the ball onto the pressure plate to lift up a mirror. Use the mirror to target the Marks of Set and head through the next gate.

Behind the gate you’ll find the Assault Rifle. Use the staff to lift up the pillar and jump across to the Max Ammo Upgrade.

Take out the shielded skeletons and scarabs. Grab all the gems and then turn the mirrors around to face diagonally inwards towards the mirrors. Then activate the two Marks of Set with your staff to open the next gate.

Climb up the scaffolding and then up the stairs. Go around to the left to the ledge overlooking the battle arena for Red Skull #3.

Continue up the stairs and cross the bridge. About half way along use the grapple to grab Red Skull #4 over the right side.

Apep Snake Battle Arena

When you enter the arena the gate closes behind you and Apep will rise up from the center of the room. He can’t follow you but will turn around and shoot fire towards you. Place the ball on the pressure plates behind the mirrors to raise them up. Then use the staff to trigger the Marks of Set.

Each time you do this Apep will take damage and a new phase will begin. There are 3 phases with a different number of Marks of Set each time.

During the second phase lead the large shielded skeleton into the Apep’s fire. You can use a bomb on it a few times to reduce its health a bit, just make sure Apep’s fire gets the killing blow. This is needed for one of the challenges and you’ll get a Max Health Upgrade as a reward.

Once Apep has been destroyed move one of the steel balls behind the pressure plate on the left and jump onto it to grab Red Skull #5.

Head out of the tomb to the east and you’ll find another piece of the Osiris statue. If you want to complete the time trial go back inside and race through the puzzles and boss fight while ignoring the gems and most of the enemies.

Khepri Amphitheater

Just above the tomb you’ll find the Max Ammo Upgrade. Use the hook above to grapple up to it.

To the right climb up the scaffolding and then jump across to Red Skull #1.

On the left side of the arena jump up to the little path and follow the gems to Red Skull #2.

Go back to the amphitheater and just to the south on more scaffolding you’ll find Red Skull #3.

Head down the stairs to the left and find the challenge tomb. Just to the south of it jump across the rock pillar to the pillar with Red Skull #4.

Head back up the stairs to the right and then climb up the stairs behind the challenge tomb. Grab the golden ball and bring it to the pillar with Red Skull #5 so you can jump up to it.

Use a bomb to blow the golden ball up the stairs. Place it on the health shrine so you can jump up to the Max Health Upgrade above.

Go back down the stairs and enter the challenge tomb.

Challenge Tomb #2

Use the staff to raise up the pillar and push the time bomb over to the ledge. Place a bomb behind it to blast it across the spiked pit.

Place the time bomb on the pressure plate to remove the flames. Put a regular bomb behind it, run past the flames and explode the bomb so the time bomb follows you through.

Place another bomb behind the time bomb to blast it over the next spike pit and then roll it onto the pillar. Place a bomb behind it, stand on the pressure plate above to raise the pillar and release the bomb to blast the time bomb onto the final ledge.

Roll the time bomb to the breakable wall and let it explode. Behind it you’ll find the High Powered Assault Rifle and Max Ammo Upgrade.

That’s it for this challenge tomb so make your way back to the entrance and then go all the way back across the broken bridge to the Shrine of Osiris.

Shrine of Osiris

After the cutscene the center of the shrine will lower, revealing a hidden entrance. Go inside and turn the inner lever around to day time.

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