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Oracle’s Chamber

There are no challenges in this tomb but you will find a Flamethrower after walking down the entrance stairs. Use it on the Scarabs that fly down onto the ledge.

After killing off all the beetles blow up the eye to remove the poison vents and continue on your way.

The boss arena is just past the next gate but you need to find a way to open it. Shoot the switch and place a bomb next to it. Grapple half way up the wall, blow up the bomb and continue up to the ledge above.

Blow up the eye on this ledge to put out the poison vents so you can get to the switch. Shoot the switch and place a bomb next to it. Grapple onto the hook and jump off the edge. While you’re in the air explode the bomb to hit the switch. You should swing past the lower vents just as they go out.

When you land on the pressure plate a vent above will go out and eyes will appear.

Run up the stairs and blue up the eye on the ground. The eyes in the pillars don’t matter but you can shoot them. Go back down, grab the fire ball and roll it back to the cage by the gate. You’ll be attacked by Scarabs along the way.

Oracle Boss Fight

For this fight you’ll want to have items that increase bomb power, bomb radius, speed or poison resistance. When you enter the arena the gates will close. An eye will appear in the center and disappear. You’ll need to bomb it when it appears on the surface.

After it takes about one third damage beetles will appear. Fight them off and bomb the eye whenever it appears. After getting below one third health fire bugs will appear. Take them out quickly but focus on finishing off the eye.

After the boss fight you’ll find another piece of the statue. Leave the tomb.

Shrine of Osiris

Swim back to the south and get out near the shrine. You’ll place down another piece of the statue. Enter the shrine and turn the outer lever until it stops raining. Now when you head outside the rain will have stopped.

Run along the bridge to the east. You need to return to the pyramid. As you run along you’ll be chased by lightning strikes. Take out the Guardian outside the pyramid and enter.

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