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Tomb of the Lamplighter


Gold Point Challenge: 85000
Time Trial: 10:00
Collect 5 Red Skulls
Complete tomb without being damaged by hot water
Use a spike wall to kill a Sobek Warrior
Step on all Ammit floor tiles near exit

If you have an amulet with fire projectiles I highly recommend it for this tomb. It will make completing some of these puzzles much easier.

Head down the steps and step on the pressure plate. This activates the burners and starts boiling the water. If you step into hot water at any point during this level you’ll fail one of the challenges.

Light the next burner to lift up a pillar and jump across to the ledge.

Use the grapple to climb up to the next ledge and light the burner. Jump across to the next ledge quickly and plant a bomb by the Sobek Warrior so he gets thrown into the spike wall this completes a challenge.

Grapple up to the higher ledge and light the burner to raise a pillar in the next pool. Grapple up again for Red Skull #1.

Before continue shoot the switch on the other side of the pool to open the gate to the alcove with the Grenade Launcher.

Continue up to the next ledge, pull the handle and jump across the wooden ledges before they lower.Hit the switch on the other side and plant a bomb next to it. Grapple up, go through the first gate, trigger the bomb and go through the second gate. Light the burner so you can continue on your way. Just remember to pick up Red Skull #2 off the edge of the ledge.

Jump back down and then jump across the gap to the southeast. Head up the stairs, taking out the warriors along the way if you want.

First Gear Puzzle

Up the top of the stairs you’ll find the first gear puzzle. Jump to the ledge in the pool and light the gear. When it lights the second gear hit the switch to change direction. The second gear will light the burner. If you have fire projectiles you can light the burner directly.

A pillar rises up out of the water so you can continue on your way. Climb up onto the ledge on the left above the gear puzzle for a Max Health Upgrade.

When you enter the next room you’ll be trapped in. Light the burner in the pool on the right.

This releases a number of Sobek’s Warriors but also make it possible to light the next burner on the left. Kill off the enemies and then light the burner in the left pool. Take out another round of enemies. The burner in the center should now be accessible.

After lighting the center burner you’ll be attacked by more of Sobek’s minions. Take care of them and the gate will open. Before leaving use the staff to raise up the pillar in the pool on the left. Ride it up and jump across to find Red Skull #3 hiding on a ledge.

Jump back across the pillars and exit through the gate to the north.

In the next area you’ll need to turn the vent on before lighting it. Blast the golden ball across the gap and first use it to reach Red Skull #4. The place it on the pressure plate to turn on the vent.

A hook will appear on the ledge on the other side. Grapple over to it and continue over the broken bridge.

Fire Ball Cage Puzzle

For the next puzzle you’ll need to bring the fire ball up to the cage to open the gate. Use the grapple to climb up to the top ledge. Stand on the pressure plate to retract the spikes, quickly jump across and use the staff on the mark of Set.

This opens the gate at the base of the stairs so you can roll the fire ball up to the pillar. Use the staff to lift it up and blast it across the gaps. Before placing the fire ball in the cage place it on the circular platform on the ground and place a bomb behind it opposite the vent. When you blast it the ball should light the vent above.

This opens the gate to the alcove with a Max Ammo Upgrade. Grab it then place the ball in the cage to open the gate to the next area.

Pool Area

If you’re using fire projectiles be careful not to light the gas vent up to the left as you want to be able to swim across to the ledge with the final red skull before heating the water.

Take out all of Sobek’s warriors and the crocs in the pools. Light the vent on the right. This opens up the scarab so you can grapple up to the hook above.

Grapple up and use bombs to bring the timebomb out of the water. Drop it down to the lower area and blast it across to the ledge with the red skull. Stand on top of it and jump up for Red Skull #5.

Now you can use the switch to change the direction of the gears and bring the fire over to the left vent. Grapple up and use the pillars to get up to the bridge area above.

Head across and light all the gas vents when you get trapped by spikes. Quickly make your way across the breakable tiles. Make sure to stand on all the Ammit floor tiles if you want to complete the challenge.

After reaching the tomb exit there’s a bag of gems on a pedestal. After grabbing it hopefully you’ll have enough points to complete the Gold Point Challenge. Head out of the tomb for another piece of the Osiris statue.

Shrine of Osiris

Follow the water downstream and head back to the waterwheel and then the Shrine of Osiris. Along the way you’ll find an optional combat challenge just south of the wheel.

After bringing the piece of Osiris back to the shrine it will start raining. This gives you access to some other areas.

Go down the stairs to the south and take out all the crocs in the water. We want the area clear so we can bring a timebomb down here.

Go back up to the north and grab the timebomb. Bring it all the way down the stairs and across the water to the breakable wall. Let it explode and inside you’ll find a Max Health Upgrade and a Max Ammo Upgrade.

Go back to the shrine and head to the west. Drop into the pool of water and just to the south you’ll find Red Skull #9 for this area.

Now swim to the north, head up the stairs and get ready to enter the next tomb.

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