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A Wizard’s Epiphany

In the first room you’ll see two platforms with a smashing head in between them. Stand on the left platform and slam a block onto the right platform to lift you up. Jump onto the right platform and move the box to the left platform to lift you up once again. Use the head to grab the trineangles and then jump across to the right.

Here you’ll find a see-saw platform that will fall away as you stand on it. Place a box on the back part of it so you can jump across it to the other side.

Trine 3 A Wizard's Ephany

You’ll be attacked by a wizard and evil books. Crush them as best as you can with your blocks. Once they’re dead head behind the see-saw platform and drop down to pick up the trineangles. Climb back up and place a block on the back of the second see-saw platform which is to the right. Jump across it to the ledge to the right.

Pull the log over the mechanism and then place a block on the platform to lift the log up while you’re standing on it. Jump over to the right and into the next room.

Stack the blocks up against the wall so that they make a staircase that you can jump up. Once up the top grab the last trineangle to win the chapter.

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