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A Forgotten Parchment

Head to the right and use your rope to grab the moving platform. Tie it to the hook to the left so you can jump onboard. Shoot the rope with your arrows to release it and slide down to the right. Jump up and grab onto the hook before the platform falls away and swing over to the right.

In the next room we have a fairly complicated puzzle. You need to find a solid box and place it on the pressure pad below where the breakable box is dangling. To do this grapple onto the cart and pull it to the circle. Move to the left while still hanging onto the rope to turn the cart around 90 degrees.

Trine 3 Forgotten Parchment Cart

Push it to the right. Drop down to the little ledge before the drop off and hook onto the underside of the cart. Swing down and jump across to the right. Keep jumping up the wall until you’re at the other side of the cage.

Grapple onto the hook and swing across. As you put pressure on the hook it will lift up the side of the cage and flip a box onto the cart.

Trine 3 Forgotten Parchment Box Puzzle

Jump back across to the left. Hook onto the cart and pull it onto the circle. Turn it around and push it back to where it began. Pull the box off so that it lands on the button and opens the door. Head through it to finish the chapter.

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