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The Redwood Forest

Run down the snow slope and across the tipping log to the other side. Jump onto the beams and make your way across to the side of the cliff to the right, without falling to the spikes below. Jump onto the rock pillar to push it over. You can then land on top of it to continue to the right.

Pull down the wooden box from the ledge so you can jump onto it and onto the platform for a trineangle. Then dive into the water and swim around to the right.

Jump up out of the water and you’ll spot a deer on the ledge above. Charge into the rock to break the wall and reveal a trineangle. Then jump on top of it, onto the ledge to follow the deer.

Trine 3 The Redwood Forest

Continue following the deer until it hops away. Jump off the wall to the left and onto the ledges. Climb around the rock wall and jump over to the ledge on the right. Pick up the big trineangle and then drop to the ground below. Head back the way you came to the checkpoint and this time climb up the ledges on the tree to the right.

Kill the creatures and then stand on the rock that’s held back by the rope. Shoot the rope and the rock will crash into the wall opposite.

Trine 3 The Redwood Forest 2

Jump off the wall and over to the right. Break the boxes and stand on the wooden platform to the right. Place a box on the wooden platform to the left to let it raise you up.

Charge into the bridge which is curled up so that it will unfold and you can run across. Over the other side are metal balls rolling down a slope. You’ll need to pick one up or charge into it to the right so that it lands in the fire basket. This will pull the bridge down so you can get across to the right.

Trine 3 The Redwood Forest 3

There are more metal balls falling down here. Jump into the chute they’re coming from and up onto the land. You’ll be attacked by a number of creatures here. Once they’re dead grab one of the balls and place it into the basket with fire. The door will open. Use Zoya to hook onto the gate and pull it open. You can now jump through.

Trine 3 The Redwood Forest 4

Follow the path forwards to the checkpoint, grab all the trineangles and then jump up the wall to the right. Continue swinging around and up the tree until you come to a place with three hooks on the wall. These are platforms that you can pull out in order to jump up.

Trine 3 The Redwood Forest 5

Wing across the large wooden platforms to the next checkpoint. You’ll be attacked by creatures. Take them down and pull out the rock held by a branch and attach it to the hook so you can jump onto it and up onto the platform behind it.

Jump across to the right where you’ll find a bridge. Jump onto the bridge and go into the ice section. There are metal balls rolling down but are prevented from coming out. First break the ice around the lever to the right. Then lift the lever to the left up and to the left to keep the ramp open.

The metal balls will now roll down the ramps and out the door. Follow the metal balls out and once they get to the bridge pick it up, or charge into it, and place it in the basket with fire to open a gate behind it. Jump through the gate to the next section.

Continue to the right where you’ll find two platforms making up a bridge. Use rope to hold the bridges down to the pole on the left. The second platform can hook onto the first platform so that you can jump all the way across.

Trine 3 The Redwood Forest 6

Climb up the other side, jump onto the wooden logs and over to the left to the next checkpoint. Charge into the rock that makes a wheel with the wooden platform so that it spins around. Jump onto the platform and then over to the right.

Tie a rope to the rock held on by a branch and pull it and tie it around the pole. Then jump onto it, break the rope and let it take you to the other side.

Trine 3 The Redwood Forest 7

Jump across the bridge to the left, float down to grab the big trineangle and then go around to the top. Pull out the platform and tie it around the stump so it stays out.

Trine 3 The Redwood Forest 8

Head to the next checkpoint to the right and get ready for another attack. Take out all the creatures and then break the ice on either side of the top of the gate to release it.

Run over the bridge, jump up the ledges and use Amadeus to bring the log bridge down so you can get across. Head to the right and either float across the gap with Pontius or use Amadeus to unroll the bridge and run across to the end of the chapter.

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