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The Quest for Cake

Pontius has spotted a giant cake but is it all a big trap? Grab the trineangle to the right before walking down the stairs and taking out all the creatures. Jump up the stone ledges to the right. Move the floating block and jump across to the wooden platform. Stomp on it to start it spinning around and get off to the right.

Jump up the wooden platforms to the right. Stomp on them to make them lift you higher so you can reach the wall to the right. Drop down, kill the creatures and stand on the button so that the stone drops down and breaks the rocks, releasing the gate mechanism. Head through the gate to the other side.

Move the floating blocks so you can make it across to the other side.

Trine 3 The Quest for Cake

Use Zoya to attach the wooden bridge to the floating block and use Amadeus to lift the floating block up so that the bridge is raised. Stomp on the platform to bounce up and to the right under the bridge.

Place the blocks in front of the fireballs and run forwards around them to pick up the trineangles.

Trine 3 The Quest for Cake 2

Move the blocks forwards so you can jump onto them and across to the top right. Head across to the right and press the button on the floor to start fireballs shooting out from across the room. The fireballs should hopefully kill most of the skeletons. Kill the remaining skeletons and then deflect a fireball into the archway to clear out the rocks.

Go through the arch to the next area and then bounce across the pillars and kill the skeletons on the other side. Charge the boulder into the rocks to pick up the trineangles.

Run across the bridge and drop down. Use Zoya to tie a rope to the hook on one side of the lift, over the pole and then to the other side to hook the platform onto the lift mechanism. Place a box on the button to raise the platform up.

Trine 3 The Quest for Cake 3

Pull the wooden platform to the left up and attach it to one of the hooks on the lift. Jump across to the left and then up and around to the right to the next checkpoint.

Shoot an arrow to drop the box. Drop down and push the second box down to the spikes below. Drop down onto one of the boxes and jump across to the right.Break the boxes and jump up the wall.

Move the block tied to the rock by a rope and the floating block out of the way of the fireballs. The fireballs will hit the rock wall on the other side and break it so you can jump through.

Run across the walkway and drop down to the wooden platform. Jump across to the swinging platform then to the room under the gate. Break the box stopping up the gate mechanism. Jump back to the swinging platform and stomp on it to make it swing higher. Jump over the fence and go through the gate.

Trine 3 The Quest for Cake 4

Use a box to jump onto the top wooden platform. Place the box on the platform with you and jump on it to get high enough to jump up to the right.

Trine 3 The Quest for Cake 5

Use the floating blocks to press the three buttons which open the gate and go through. Then use the ramp to get up to the top left and then jump over to the right.  Drop down the other side.

Shoot the rope holding the block and keeping the ramp upright. Use the other block to move the ramp into a horizontal position so you can run across it.

Bounce up on the bouncy wooden platform to the left and tie the ramp to the hook so you can jump across to the right.

Trine 3 The Quest for Cake 6

Jump across the bouncy pillars to the other side. Jump onto the wooden platform held up by rope and place a block on the other wooden platform to lift it up. Jump across to the right.

The stone platforms will lift up and down as you stand on them. Time your jump one to the other and then over to the ledge on the right. Continue across to the next checkpoint.

Jump across the revolving wooden platform and then up the bouncy platform. You’ll come to a bouncy pillar just before a high wall. Create a box and place it underneath the wooden platform to the left. You should be able to bounce up to the wooden platform on the left.

Trine 3 The Quest for Cake 7

Continue across to the right down the stairs and take out the skeletons. Head to the area with three wooden platforms. Hook on to the one to the right and connect it to the middle one while it’s in the low position. Place a block on the far left platform to lift the central one up which will pull up the far right one as well.

Trine 3 The Quest for Cake 8

Jump across to the right, over the next bouncy pillar to the area with the illusory cake which turns into a big trineangle. Grab it to end the chapter.

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