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A Tumble Down

Poor old Pontius has fallen down a hole into an abandoned mineshaft! You’ll need to bring him out safely back to the others.

Pontius can’t make boxes so he’ll need to find them on his own. Head to the right, kill the creature and charge into the cart to the left so that one of the boxes drops onto it. You can now jump onto the cart, up onto the box and then onto the ledge to the right.

Continue to the right and jump across to the central rock island. Creatures will spawn around you.

Trine 3 A Tumble Down Rock Island

The creature on the platform at the back is actually holding the door to the right shut. Once you kill him jump off the platform to raise it and open the door.

The next puzzle is a little tricky. There is a cart underneath some tracks. You’ll need to stop first to raise the high tracks out of the way and then charge the cart to the left so that it goes up the wall and flips onto the high tracks.

Trine 3 A Tumble Down Cart

Jump up onto the cart, walk along the side of the tracks to the basket and stomp it down so that the cart rolls off to the right. Jump onto the cart and over the rock wall.

You’ll come to a tunnel with revolving platforms. Jump through the tunnel, landing on the platforms and picking up the trineangles as you go. Continue forwards to the level exit.

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