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Chapter 1: Pontius the Knight

The first three chapters are really about getting to know the three heroes and learning the game mechanics. Pontius has a sword and shield. He can attack with the sword and float with the shield using either the right mouse button or by holding down space. For the location of all the Trineangles watch the video above.

Pontius is tracking a thief who had stolen a sheep from a peasant family.  Head to the right and break through the vines. Jump down and break the boxes underneath the ramp. Jump on the left side and then run up and jump to the right to get up the other side.

Trine 3 Level 1 Ramp

Charge into the giant watermelon to push it next to the wall and jump on top of it, then onto the wall. Over to the right you’ll see the nasty goblin who stole the sheep. Chase after him by floating down to the three platforms.

Trine 3 Chapter 1 Shield Kite

Follow the tunnel to the right and then do a jumping stomp (space and then both mouse buttons to stomp). You’ll break the floor underneath. Go through and then charge the rock hanging from the vine to break the wall to the right. Break the wall to the north as well for an extra Trineangle.

Use your shield to deflect the fireballs. Deflect the a fireball to the wall to the north to break it so you can run up the ramp and jump across to the Trineangle.

Float across the gap, jump onto the swing and then over to the other side. There are a few Trinangles to the north and a cave where you can spot the goblin down below.

Trine 3 Chapter 1 Secret Cave

Break the box under the walkway and climb onto it. Run around to the left and stomp on the platform to the left of the door to open it. Go through and take out the goblins that ambush you to complete the chapter and save the… er… sheep.

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