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Chronicles of the Guardian

The three heroes are sucked into a book called the Chronicles of the Guardian. They must find their way through the pages to the end of the story.

Page 1

Head to the right past the first checkpoint. Jump on the platforms for extra trineangles and continue to the right where you’ll come across your first hovering block. Amadeus can move this around and it will stay in place. Use it to get up the ledge to the right and then lift it up so you can jump on it to grab the big trineangle above.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Hovering Block

Continue to the right and once again use the hovering blocks to make it across the gaps to the next page.

Page 2

Head past the checkpoint and take out the creatures. There are two hovering blocks here. Place them so you can jump up first to the left for the big trineangle and then to the right.

Jump across the bouncy pillars and over to the two wooden platforms. Stand on the one to the right and smash a box down on the left one to lift yourself up high enough to jump off.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Wooden Platforms

Page 3

Turn the hovering blocks into a staircase so you can jump up through the window in the building. If you go to the courtyard below you’ll be attacked by creatures. Head through the window and out the door to the right.

Drop down the other side and shoot the rope that’s holding the wooden platform up. You’ll need to shoot the rope from below through the gap in the center. The platform will drop down, turning into a staircase.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Staircase

Head up the stairs to the next checkpoint.

Take out the creatures and then pull the hooks to the left and right to open the door. Head through to the bridge which will break in front of you. Charge into one of the boulders to smash the pillar on the other half of the bridge. This will allow you to jump across and continue to the other side.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Broken Bridge

Page 4

Float down and break the rope. Drop down onto the block and across to the right. Continue up the wall and to the open area with the large statue. The head will come off and try to crush you. When it lands jump on top of it and jump over to the left to grab the big trineangle.

Let the head try to crush you near to the rocks to the right to break them. You can now jump across and continue to the right to the next checkpoint.

Stomp in the middle of the wooden platform to break it loose. There’s a hidden alcove to the left with trineangles.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Hidden Alcove

Jump back to the wooden platform and grapple onto the next one to bring it down. Shoot the rope holding the stone to break the box and reveal a room underneath. Drop down and break the box blocking the cog to open the gate.

In the next area move the hovering blocks so you can make your way across the gap without being hit by the fireballs. Continue to the right for the next part of the story.

Page 5

You’re in a new area now. Jump off the column your standing on because it will drop away and creatures will attack. In order to open the gate you’ll need to pull the three platforms to the ground. Place a box so that it sits half and half on two of them. Use Zoya to hook onto the third and pull it down while simultaneously moving towards the door. Let go of the rope and run out the door.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Platform Gate

Use the hovering block to make it across the gap into the next area. To open the flap and get the trineangles tie a rope to the flap and the other end to the hovering block. Lift the block up to open the flap.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Box and Flap

You can now jump on the flap and over to the checkpoint. Continue to the right over the ramp and to the next movable block. This time you’ll need to attach both ramps to the hovering¬†block and move the block upwards to bring the ramps together, creating a bridge up to the top.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Bridge

Page 6

Jump across the bouncy pillars and have the stone head crash near the rocks to bring down the trineangles. Take out the creatures that start spawning and take the stone head for a ride up to the secret area in the top right.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Stone Head

Drop down and continue to the right for your first bouncy bed! Use Pontius to stomp on the bed and once you get high enough jump off to the left. Grab all the trineangles and exit to the right.

Page 7

Head to the right and go into the building where you’ll find another bouncy bed. Bounce up to the left for a trineangle and then move it to the right so you can get up the ledge on the right.

Inn the next area you’ll find two buttons, two pillars and skeleton creatures. Pressing the buttons brings down the pillars so you can jump up them. In the center is a large trineangle. You’ll need to bring both pillars down and jump up before they go back up.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Pillars

Bring the right pillar down and jump up it to get to the ledge to the right and keep going to the next area with the bouncy bed.

Use the bouncy bed to jump up the ledges. You’ll need to use Amadeus to bring the bed with you so you can get up the two ledges. Jump up and grab the big trineangle to the left before exiting to the right.

Page 8

Place a box on the flat platform to lift up the gate so you can run under it. Use the hook to grapple up and grab the trineangles above. Drop down to the right for another battle with skeletons. Once they’re defeated a bridge will drop down. Run across it to the next checkpoint.

To open the gate to the right you’ll need to press all three buttons simultaneously. There’s also a big trineangle to the top left.

Place a box on one of the buttons, let the stone head stomp on another one and stand on the third to open the gate.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Buttons

Run through the gate, past the next checkpoint and into the last room. Tie a rope to the hook on one side of the central platform, over the bar and onto the hook on the other side. Use Amadeus to place a box on the button and the whole platform will lift up.

Trine 3 Chapter 6 Platform Elevator

Grab the trineangles and head to the right to end the chapter.

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