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The Tallest Tower

Bridge Guardian

The Bridge Guardian will shoot out bombs so deflect them back with Pontius and then go in for a few sword swipes. Dodge the fireball attacks and repeat with the bombs until the Bridge Guardian is defeated.

Gate Guardian

This boss will shoot out flames while flying in the air. Use Zoya to shoot through the flames to damage the boss.

When it falls to the ground move in for melee damage and repeat the cycle until the boss flies away.

Terrace Guardian

The Terrace Guardian has a few different attacks. It stops the ground creating a shockwave, shoots out fireballs and swipes its claw when it gets close enough.

Dodge the swipes and shockwave but deflect back the fireballs. Once it gets stunned move in for melee damage. Repeat once more until the boss runs away.

Tower Guardian

The Tower Guardian is the combination of all the three previous bosses and it has attacks from each of them.

Bash back the bombs, use Zoya when it’s flying, dodge the shockwave attacks and run underneath it when it gets too close. After doing enough damage it will get stunned so you can get in close to do some melee damage. Repeat until the boss is defeated.

The Astral Academy


Let the barrels explode and thaw the ice to the right. Push the button to bring down an electrified piece of metal. Place a plank between the electrified metal and the boss to electrify the boss.

He’ll be stunned for a few seconds so get in close to do damage before he wakes up.

In the second phase you’ll need to place boxes to the top left and top right while Wilhelmaton shoots fireballs and pillars of fire. Once again use the plank to stun the boss and get in close for melee damage.

For the third phase the boss will put up a shield of ice rocks. Use Fire Arrows to break through them and drop down the electrified piece of metal. Stun the boss and get in close to deal damage.

For the final phase you first need to avoid the pillars of fire, then jump up the planks to deal damage to each of the hands.

When it’s stunned deal damage to the boss until he’s defeated once and for all.

The Bastion of Hope


For the first few phases of this boss fight you’ll need to load the canon and fire it at the boss to stun it.

Load the steel ball in the canon and use a Fire Arrow to fire it. Then get in close to deal damage to Valeribot when she’s stunned.

For the second phase grab a cabbage and light it in the laser before loading it. Fire it at the boss to stun it.

In the third phase the cannon will be encased in ice. Use a bomb to break the ice, then use an ice arrow to put out one of the bombs so you can load it and fire it.

In the final phase you no longer need to use the cannon. Just deal damage with Zoya or Pontius until Valeribot is defeated. Just watch out for the lasers.

The Dethroning

Goderic and Sunny

Both Goderic and Sunny have their own health bars. Some attacks will do damage to Goderic and others to Sunny.

Dodge the tentacles and get in close to deal damage to Goderic. When the tentacles lift up with cannons underneath take out all the cannons with Zoya’s Fire Arrows. These all damage Goderic.

Dodge the missile attacks and wait until you can deal damage. At some point a tentacle will shoot out boxes and water. Jump across the boxes with charge or wind leap and deal damage to the vulnerable section of the tentacle. This will do damage to Sunny.

When the arena gets misty shine a light to the top left corner to see the tentacle. Use the clone to keep the light shining. Then use Zoya to shoot the tentacle and deal damage to Sunny.

Continue through the phases until both Goderic and Sunny have been defeated. Use Zoya to pull the hatch off the boss, then make a steel ball with Amadeus and charge it into the breakable door with Pontius. Damage the center mechanism and Goderic and Sunny will come falling out to end the game.

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