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Act II

Wilhelmina’s Hat – The Astral Academy Gardens

From the first checkpoint after climbing over the large hedge wall. Smash the ground to break the boards coving the hole. Drop down to find a secret room with the chest. Inside you’ll find Wilhelmina’s Hat.

Straw Hat – The Long Way to Town

Once you drop down the gap from Checkpoint 9 after Pontius learns his Sword Throw ability deflect a fireball into the wall on the left to destroy it.

Bridge between the sword and a box so you can climb up to the chest. Inside you’ll find a Straw Hat.

Master’s Pouch – Sinister Back Alleys

After the 7th checkpoint when you reach the Rat Gang coming out of the tavern place a couple of boxes down so you can climb up into the roof.

Once inside you’ll find a chest with the Master’s Pouch.