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For the second level you’ll have a tutorial with Pontius the Knight. After the introduction run across to the right and break through the grass. Jump the gap for Experience. Climb up the platforms for Experience in a box. Then drop down for another Experience in a box.

Smash through the floor, charge the stone block and jump across the gap. Bounce off the shovel handle to jump up the wall and then the next one to grab the 2 x Experience.

Smash through the window and then jump up to the boarded up ledge for Experience. Smash through the hatch in the ground until it opens and drop into the hidden room for 2 x Experience.

Climb back up and run to the right for the first checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

Run to the right and use the shovel handle to bounce up to the Experience. Use the shield to deflect the water into the bucket to lower the ramp.

Run up and break the box for Experience. Fill up the bucket on the other side and use the see-saw platform to grab the 3 x Experience.

Checkpoint 2

Break the boxes just to the left for Experience. Use the handle on the right to bounce up to Experience. Push the stone block close to the water and deflect the water into the two buckets.

Climb up and break the boards above for Experience. Climb up to the wooden beams and jump up for another 2 Experience.

Charge the base of the tree to push it over. Run across and bounce off the poisonous plant for Experience.

Smash down through the boards for Experience and continue to the right. Break the boards to the right for Experience, charge the tree to the top left to drop down an box and use it to climb up on the right.

Checkpoint 3

Break through the boards into the hall and use the lever to open the next door. Jump and charge to activate the lift and ride it up to the lever. Pull the lever to open the door.

Before heading out jump up to the top of the lift and climb across to the Experience behind the boards.

Break the boards above and climb up to the bell room. Grab the 3 x Experience on the left and knock the bell for another 2 x Experience. Drop down and head out the door.

Checkpoint 4

Break the roots to the left for Experience. Run to the right and charge across the gap. You’ll meet a strange Pirate fellow trying to revive his Gran.

Continue to the right and jump the gap for 2 x Experience. Break through the weak trees and then the boxes for 2 x Experience under the next checkpoint.

Bounce on the shovel handle to get up to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 5

Smash the ground to drop down a box and use it to climb over the hill.

Jump and dash across for 2 x Experience. Smash the plant below which is hiding another 2 x Experience. Then use the seesaw to bounce up for another Experience and get up to the top of the cliff.

Smash the ground under the tree to drop down the box with 2 x Experience. Then smash through the hatch in the ground.

Checkpoint 6

Use the shield to make it past the spitting plants. Then charge the fallen statue above to grab the 2 x Experience underneath.

Head to the right and smash the boards in the ground for Experience. Jump up to the grab poles and deflect the poison fireball to the boards up to the right to drop down 3 x Experience.

Break the small trees to the right and grab the 2 x Experience by the platform wheel. Charge into the lower box and stand on top of it to deflect water into the bucket.

Jump up to the top of the cliff for Experience and the final checkpoint.

Checkpoint 7

Bounce across the poisonous plants for Experience and then the other side of a rock for a battle with some Ratgang Skeletons to end the level.

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