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For the first three levels you’ll be playing the three heroes individually. The Town Library features Zoya the Thief.


After the Cutscene head down the stairs to the right and pick up the first Experience. Grab another Experience higher up and climb up to the higher platform. Walk across the chain and jump up to the Experience on the ledge.

Ride the ledge down and grab the Experience under the platform to the left and another Experience by a grab pole on the right.

Hold onto the grab pole to lower down a ledge above. Jump up to it and jump up the grab poles. Climb across the grab pole on the roof to an Experience.

There’s another Experience in the room below. Then drop down to the button which opens the hatch. Drop down and shoot the rope holding up the Experience.

Shoot the rope holding the ledge on the right side, shoot the button on the ceiling to lift the pedestal and jump across to the right.

Checkpoint 1

Head down the stairs and shoot the glass around the Experience. Swing across for the Experience on the platform.

Swing up on the next ring and up to the sloped platform for 2 x Experience. Then swing across to the right.

Land for some Experience, pull out the drawer and climb over the top. Shoot another glass globe with Experience.

Drop down, pull out the cabinet so you can jump up to the grab pole. Jump onto the wooden platforms above and jump up for 3 x Experience.

Drop down on the right and pull out the top drawer for 2 x Experience.

Checkpoint 2

Head through the door to the right to see the Librarian. She won’t notice you in the background. In the next room push out the cart and use it to climb up.

Shoot the painting to move it and drop down 2 x Experience.

Shoot the bottom of the ledge above to flip it over so you can jump up. Grab the Experience on the other side. Shoot an arrow at the ledge to drop down the Experience above.

Drop down to the courtyard outside and pull out the boxes by the wall for 2 x Experience.

Swing across to the right for 2 x Experience between the rings. Push the box to the right and climb onto it to reach the grab pole. Shimmy over over the fence and drop down.

Checkpoint 3

Grapple up to the ring and swing across to the ledge for Experience. Grapple up again and then go left for 2 x Experience under the ledge.

Use the two rings to bridge up to the rooftop. Grapple up to the ring on the flag pole and swing up to the right. Push the box in to find 3 x Experience in a hidden room.

Grab the chain with your rope and hook it to the ring to form a bridge. Climb up the grab poles on the side of the wall, shoot the rope holding the ledge and continue up and into the house.

Checkpoint 4

Wait for the librarian below to move the bookshelves, then jump across to the right. Bridge across to the right and step on the button.

Jump on the bookshelf that swings over and then up to the walkway above. Shoot the platform above to flip over the Experience.

Grapple up on the right for Experience and shoot the button to open the next bookshelf. Lower yourself down to below the walkway for a hidden Experience.

Swing across to the right and latch onto the chandelier to pull it over. Release and jump onto it to swing over to the 2 x Experience and checkpoint.

Checkpoint 5

Pull out the three drawers. The middle one drops Experience and the top one opens the hatch.

Drop down to the next room to grab the 3 x Experience. Shoot the button to bring over a ledge and drop onto it. Grab the pole and shimmy across to the right.

Shoot the button on the right side to call back the platform. Drop down and grapple onto the ring. swing across to the grab pole under the floor for 3 x Experience.

Swing back and climb up the grab poles. Jump across to the bookshelf and continue up on the left. Jump back to the right for the final checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6

Pick up the Experience down the stairs and pull up the ledge. Attach it to the ring on the stairs to form a bridge. Jump up to the grab pole and shoot the rope to release the ledge and open the gate above.

Grab the Experience and then shoot the two glass globes for 2 x Experience. Grapple the ring and swing up for 3 x Experience.

Head out the door and swing across the large gap. Pull out the board on the window to end the level.

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