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Act II

Letter #1 – The Astral Academy Gardens

After the 6th checkpoint drop down for a puzzle. Before completing it place a box on the spikes below, drop down to it and enter the hidden room on the left.

┬áInside you’ll find a golden chest with Letter #1.

Letter #2 – The Long Way to Town

After the 2nd checkpoint have Zoya swing down from the platform wheel. Jump into the cave below.

Inside you’ll find a chest with Letter #2.

Letter #3 – Sinister Back Alleys

After the first checkpoint once you climb up the pipes throw a sword at the wall on the left. and climb up.

Place the stone on the bounce pad and charge it into the breakable wall. Behind it you’ll find a chest with Letter #3. Use the stone and a plank to reach it.

Letter #4 – The Royal Castle