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The third tutorial level features Amadeus. If you’ve played any of the previous games you’ll be familiar with his abilities to create objects and manipulate items.


Head out of the house to the right and dive into the pool for Experience. Grab the box to find Experience behind it and another Experience on the balcony above. You’ll need to move the box so you can grab it.

Use the box to knock open the window on the left. Jump outside for 2 x Experience. Then jump up to the grab pole and shimmy across to the right for 2 x Experience.

Drop down to the pool below and use the ball to roll across, grabbing 3 x Experience along the way.

Checkpoint 1

Break the fruit to find Experience inside. Create a box and use it to jump up to the 2 x Experience above.

Roll across the next pool and break the jar for Experience. Use the ball to roll up the wooden beams so you can climb up to the next section.

Pull out the cupboard and then the box with the Experience behind it. Use the box to climb over the cupboard.

Out the other side break the 2 Jars for 2 x Experience. Then position the boxes so you can climb onto the ledge on the left where you’ll find 2 x Experience.

Climb over the wall onto the roof where you’ll find another 4 x Experience with one in a fruit. Drop down and continue to the right.

Checkpoint 2

Use the planks to make a ramp. Underneath them you’ll find Experience. Bring a plank up and use it to get into the tree for another 2 x Experience.

Bring the plank out from the unfinished bridge and use the box to get the Experience. Place the plank down to make a ramp so you can get up on the right.

Conjure a box to get the Experience and up the next cliff to the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3

Grab the experience by the right wall and then place a box on the platform. As it lowers the left platform will rise up. Ride it up for the Experience and jump up to the ledge above.

Drop down into the pool of monkeys and use a box to knock off the Experience from the tree branch. Break the 2 jars for 2 x Experience.

Place a box on the right side of the seesaw and climb up the left so you can jump to the ledge. Use a box to jump up to the 3 x Experience.

Use the box and seesaw to get up on the right for Experience.

Use a box and Amadeus to stand on the two buttons to open the barn door.

Checkpoint 4

Place planks on the pillars to get across to the bridge rooftop. Drop down under the next part of the bridge for 5 x Experience. Two on the stairs and three at the end of the grab pole.

Jump back and plank the rest of the way across the bridge. Use a box to push the button and bring the platform across. Release the box and ride the platform to the other side.

For the next puzzle you’ll need to press three buttons at once. Use a plank to press two buttons and stand on one yourself. Then pull out the handle to open the door.

Checkpoint 5

Roll along on the boulder as you pick up the 3 x Experience. Drop into the lake and pull the fruit from the tree for Experience.

Checkpoint 6

Place a plank over the second part of the contraption and use the box to climb up to it. Jump across to the right and use the springboards to bounce up to the 4 x Experience. You may need to use a plank or box to bounce up as well. Climb o the box while it’s in the air to reach the highest experience.

Dive into the water and swim to the left. Grab the Experience and then push out the 2 fruit. Break the fruit for another 2 x Experience.

Bounce over to the right and walk towards the house to complete the level.

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