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Fly up and hug the left wall. There’s a secret entrance to a small cave with a buried chest but there’s no indication that it’s there. It’s about one screen down from the top of the shaft heading up to Tropos.

There are 600 Coins to find in Tropos but we can only get about half of them the first time we fly through here.

First fly around for all the sets of Rings. They’re not hard to spot. Just above you’ll find Buccanary’s shop. Speak to the shopkeeper inside to be rewarded for all the coins you find. It’s worth stopping back here as you’ll get health upgrades as well as weapon attachments for your friends.

On the left side of the cliff you can pull up a Chest.

And there’s a buried chest on the right side as well.

Check out the side exits from this area for more Rings. The exit to the Owl Temple is top left. You can’fly up through the vines just yet, you’ll need to find Alphonse for that.

Owl Temple Entrance

Take the exit to the top left and fly up. You’ll see some owl statues in the background. Fly past the Spikeball and grab the Rings to the left. Just underneath you’ll spot another buried chest. Pull it up for Coins.

Continue up past the 2 Spikeballs and you’ll find the first Boguin.

Follow it to the right and say hello. It will agree to go back to Buccanary’s shop. There are 3 Boguins in total to find. Once you’ve found them all you can try the Boguin Cannon Challenge.

Head left past all the Spikeballs. Grab the Rings in the next area and fly through the rock wall for a secret chest.

For the final coins grab the Rings on the right side and break a rock on one of the platforms. Then make your way to the top where you’ll meet a mysterious robed figure. Fly up through the clouds to enter the Owl Temple.

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