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Once you’ve collected all of the Boguins and are back in Vellie you can visit them on a small platform to the top left of Buccanary’s shop in Tropos. Have a chat with them and they’ll tell you about a “fun” challenge.

You can find the cannon minigame by flying down from Buccanary and taking the exit to the right. The Boguins will be gathered around the cannon. The controls are quite strange but I found it made more sense to flip the controller upside down.

Once you collect one set of Rings you won’t need to collect them again. After completing the challenge the Boguins will shower you with Coins. In total you’ll be rewarded with 300 Coins.

After the challenge go and see Buccanary at her shop. The fish will take over managing the shop and you’ll be allowed to grab the Specter Cloak. Just fly up and grab it.

To the start the final part make your way over to the Laboratory in Vellie. After a chat with the professor you’ll take a rocket trip up to the Floating Owl Tower. Otus can’t fly without an atmosphere so you’ll need to run over to the left until you can enter the Tower.

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