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Owlboy begins with Otus and his teacher talking on the floating islands. Otus is a mute but his friends will speak up for him during the game.

Go through the flying tutorial and try to make it up to the platform above. Then grab the water jug and throw it on the circular platform. Poor Otus will fail at everything. Walk to the right and talk to the other villagers to find out what they think about Otus.


Otus wakes up in his house. Go outside to speak with the teacher. The camera will pan up showing you the area above Otus’ house. The rings are one way you can gather Buccaneer Coins. Fly through them to be rewarded with 3 Coins for each ring.

While flying around you can pull fruit and other objects out of the ground. Eating fruit will fill up your health or give you a temporary bonus if you’re already at max health.

To the lower right of Vellie pull out the two objects. They’ll each break apart and give you a few coins.

Just to the left of them you’ll find a Chest buried in the ground. Pull it out for another 30 Coins. To the bottom left of Vellie there’s another 2 stone blocks buried in the ground. Pull them out for more Coins.

Fly to the platform above for another 2 items you can pull out. Make sure you fly through the Rings above for more coins.

Do a lap around Vellie and fly through all of the Rings. By the wall on the right side about half way up you’ll find 2 objects you can pull out of the ground for Coins. There’s 2 more objects on the platform to the left.

Fly up to find Geddy by a cannon. He’ll be one of the friends you can carry around later on.

Above left, just below the drummer you’ll find 2 more objects you can pull up for Coins. Talk to the drummer and he’ll tell you to check out Lookout Point to the west.

Go up a little and to the right to find a man in a hot spring. Drop into the spa and have a chat with him. This gives you a permanent 1/2 health increase.

Head to the west to the Lookout Point and you’ll find Fib and Bonacci. Geddy will come to your rescue and you two will agree to join up. He’ll act as your gunner while you’re carrying him.

Go back to the main area. Above the Drummer you’ll find Mandolyn. She doesn’t have much to say at the moment. If you drop down to the ruined statue below you’ll find Fib and Bonacii harassing Solus.

Have a chat with him and you’ll see the troublemakers harassing Mandolyn and escaping somewhere down below. Hug the right wall as you fly down and fly up through the rocks to the secret area with the Chest and Rings.

Continue down, using Geddy to break the blocks so you can get to the lower section of Vellie. Fly through the Rings, grab the buried Chest at the very bottom and then enter the Cave to the left.

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