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Owl Temple

From the entrance take the only path to the right, knock off the metal shield and stand on the button to open the door.

To the left you’ll meet some armored Gawks (the green flying creatures). Spin to knock off their armor before shooting them down.

Shoot the columns mid left and fly through the rock wall for the secret Rings.

Take the lower path to the left. Use the spike ball to break the wall just to the left and go through for more Rings.

Grab the spike ball again and break the rocks above to reveal the button. Then use the spike ball to destroy all the Spikeball creatures. This spawns in a chest at the top of the room.

Finally stand on the button to open the door above.

In the next room grab the Cloud and squish it to fill up the well. This is a mechanic that’s used a few times throughout this level.

This opens a door to the top left. Take out the Gawks if you want but they don’t spawn in a chest, then head through the dark tunnel.

Watch out for the Barb, a mole-like creature that burrows out of the wall and charges towards you.

Use the spin attack to stun it for a few seconds and finish it off with Geddy. When you kill it a chest appears.

Fly up the tunnel, grabbing the Rings along the way. Follow the only passage around to a room with a nest. If you eat the eggs a small battle with Barbs will begin. Kill them all for a Chest.

Continue right following the only passage, picking up the obvious Rings along the way. Grab the cloud and bring it past the Spikeballs.

Fill up the well with water to open the door above. Fly up to the waterfall. You can fly past the waterfall, you’ll need to jump up the platforms. Take the exit above to the left.

You can’t bring the next cloud past the air vent so fly up, grab the stone from the wall on the left and use it to plug up the vent.

Bring the cloud past and juggle the stone up to the next air vent until you can get the cloud to the well. Fill the well up with water to open the next door.

Jump across the platforms in the waterfall room, grabbing the Rings along the way. Ignore the Molts, molten dogs, and grab the Cloud to the top right. Use it to fill the well and open the door below. You can use the water from the cloud to kill the Molts if you want.

Fly to the right until you find the spike ball, use it to kill all the Molts in the room for a chest.

Then use it to break the wall, freeing up the cloud to the left. Bring the cloud to the right to fill up the well and open the next door.

In the next room with Molts you’ll notice a Gold Disc behind a rock wall. Fly down to the bottom of the room and roll through the narrow passage to the lower right. Jump up the platforms and you’ll be able reach the Gold Disc.

This is the first of three Gold Discs that can be used to open up a secret at the very end of the game.

Follow the passage around and grab a bucket. Fill it with water and use it to kill the Molts.

Then use it to water the plant on the right wall. The vines above will move aside so you can fly up.

You’ll reach a dark room with patrolling Gnomes. If they hear you they’ll chase you and they’re super fast.

Jump up the platforms while avoiding the Gnomes. Once you get high enough you might be able to quickly fly to the exit above without being caught.

Grab all the rings in the next waterfall room but as you try to jump to the exit to the top left the platform will fall away. Instead fly up to the exit to the top right.

First grab the stone out of the left wall to free the cloud. Then place it above the spikes near the floor.

Push the button above to release a spike ball. It should land on the cloud below. Grab the spike ball and use it to break the wall above. Place the stone to block the new air vent, then bring the cloud up to fill the well with water.

Once the well is full the waterfall to the left will turn off. Fly over and take the upper exit to the left.

Boss Fight with Pirates

The first phase is a battle with the pirate Alphonse. Dodge his shotgun attack and fly around with Geddy to shoot him.

When Alphonse drops down he’ll use the cannon. Fly up to the top center and lure Alphonse to shoot the cannon at the large rock. It’ll drop down and hit the pirate ship.

You’ll need to repeat this three times, each phase going faster and faster, until the pirates have been defeated.

Take the tunnel leading down and follow Alphonse through the door he opens.

Alphonse can’t make it through the next door so take out the Gawks and then press the button on the platform above. Follow Alphonse down.

Grab Alphonse once he stops talking and use his shotgun to break through the vines. Follow the path around, burning the vines as you go. When you see the vines opposite the closed door burn them and go through for 4 Rings.

Fly down, take out the Gawks and drop Alphonse on the button. Alphonse is the only one heavy enough to activate it and open the door above. Go through and head to the right. When you reach the intersection ignore the path above and continue around to the right.

At the next intersection past the buckets use Alphonse to burn the two vines and go through. Burn the next vines above and fly up. You’ll be near a waterfall with a few Rings.

Jump across the platforms and take the exit to the right. Grab all the Rings in this room and then take the lower exit to the left. You’ll get trapped in a room until you kill all the Gawks.

Fly to the left until you get a cutscene. Fly up to the control room and go to the right. You’ll soon meet the Owl Temple Guardian!

This starts a short chase sequence. Use Alphonse and Geddy to break through the obstacles and reach the waterfall. Once the Guardian gets wet in the waterfall it will freeze up. After the dialogue fly up to find the broken machinery.

Take the center path up and this takes you to the exit. If you don’t care about finding all the coins you can fly up to the Advent Settlement. Otherwise fly back down into the Owl Temple for the missing coins.

Fly back to the room where the Guardian seized up. Fly down and grab all the Rings from the little alcove to the left.

Fly down and grab the spike ball from the passage on the right. Continue down and use the spike ball to break the breakable wall to the right.

Inside you’ll find a Chest with coins. Fly up to the exit and continue up through the clouds until you reach the Advent Settlement.

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