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The Jungle is a tricky area with lots of dark areas and rooms. Use Alphonse to light the first torch and open the door.

Take Alphonse with you and use the light so you can make it past the gnats. When you find a blue berry eat it so you start to glow. You can carry one with you as well.

Watch out for the spikes along the sides of the dark cave and the boulders crashing down. When the worms appear you can see their eyes in the darkness.

Continue along the passage and watch out for the rolling boulder. When you find the next torch use Alphonse to light it and the room will light up.

Fly through all the Rings and take out all the enemies in this large room. Once you’ve defeated the last enemy you’ll be rewarded with a chest of coins.

On the right side about half way up is a button that opens the door to the top left. It’s hidden behind a plant. Fly through the wall to the right of it for a secret room with 3 Rings.

The second secret is at the top of the room. Fly through the roof top right for another 3 Rings.

If you’ve killed all the enemies but the chest hasn’t spawned make sure you burn the plants at the top of the room by the exit. There are worms hidden behind them.

When you’re done take the exit to the top left. You’ll see Twig and the other pirate trying to steal the relic. Both of them run away before you arrive.

Continue to the right and follow the passage around. You’ll come out into another dark room. Light the torch just ahead of you.

There’s no reward for killing all the enemies in this room. Just above and to the left use Alphonse to light the torches. You’ll find a buried chest.

Light the torches as you make your way to the top right. Once you light the final torch the entire room will light up.

Take the exit to the lower right and follow the passage around. Watch out for the spikes and worms. There are Rings in this room but you’ll need some light to find them. I prefer to fly up to the exit first. Take out the hornets and continue up and left until you find the glowing fruit.

Now go back the way you came and enter the dark room with the spiked walls. You can light up the entire area by lighting the torch on the right side.

With the area lit up you’re now free to fly around and pick up all of the Rings. When you’re done take the exit back up to the top.

Fly around to pick up all the Rings in the room with the hornets. Killing all the enemies opens up a wall on the left side leading to a room full of Rings. By now you should have 180/300 coins for the Jungle.

Take the exit top left and grab the glowing fruit so you can see where you’re going. Along the way you’ll pick up more Rings.

Light the torch when you find it and you’ll have a boss fight with the hornets, actually called Wilks.

More and more Wilks will appear. Keep moving and use Alphonse to take out groups of them. After the battle the nest will fall and the torch will go out. Take the exit above.

You’ll come across a new enemy called a Fuse. You can grab them and throw them at walls or other enemies to make them explode. Grab one and throw it at the rocks to break your way through.

Light a Fuse with the torch and grab it. Take it with you into the next dark room. Fly down and go through the green plants on the wall on the right. You’ll find a hidden torch to light up the room and a buried chest.

Fly down and to the left and quickly light the torches. Then continue to the left to get out of the dark area. You’ll see the pirates hiding behind a rock wall.

Fly up and light the torches as you go. Grab a Fuse and bring it back down to blow up the rock wall. Twig will run away.

Grab the Rings in the next room and then fly upwards. in this room you’ll want to kill all of the caterpillars

The reward for killing all of them is a chest of coins. Follow the path up and around, grabbing the Rings as you go.

The path leads up to a monument in the wall. Take the passage to the left and use the Fuses to destroy the rock blocking the path down.

I also grab Fuses to kill all the enemies in the next room. Once the path is clear fly down and break the next rock barrier with Fuses. Twig and the other pirate will be hiding behind a door once again.

Use a Fuse to break the wall to the right. Go through, grab the Rings and use Fuses to break through the two rock barriers above.

Take a Fuse with you as you fly up back to the monument in the wall. Use the Fuse to break the rock wall to the right of it.

Kill the spider enemies and break the web around the boulder at the end of the passage. It will roll down and break through the floor, giving you access to the room below.

In this room light the torches to the left and right, then grab the lever and pull it all the way around. The door below will open and the other monument will activate.

Fly down and light the torches as you make your way around the thin passage. More gnats will appear so you’ll want to keep the area lit.

Use a Fuse to break the rock floor and fly down. Continue down to the plant with the glowing fruit and take it with you. From here go left and up. Follow the passage around to the first monument. Pull the lever around.

You’ll need to head back to the door where Twig was hiding. Fly down and around to the left. Clear out the spiders and release the boulder. It will break the rock floor above the relic.

Follow the boulder down through the floor and you’ll be in the Molten area of the floating island.

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