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Throughout the game you’ll find 3 Golden Discs and 3 temple locations where the discs can be placed. The final disc can only be found during your ascent to the final boss. This means the final disc can only be placed once you’ve finished the game.

You’re free to return to Vellie after defeating the final boss so you can place the last disc and enter the hidden area.

Gold Disc Locations

The first Golden Disc can be found in the Owl Temple. You’ll see the disc behind a wall on the right as you make your way through the temple. To reach it you’ll need to roll through the hole at the bottom of the wall. Make sure you’re not carrying anyone as only Otus is small enough to make it through. Jump up the platforms to reach the Golden Disc.

The second Golden Disc can be found in Strato. When you reach the intersection with a sign pointing upwards and thorns to the left go left through the thorns. There’s another intersection with Spikeballs. A path leads to the lower left and one to the upper left. Take the path to the upper left for the second Golden Disc.

The third Golden Disc can be found in the Floating Tower. When you ride up one of the platforms by spinning on it there’s a platform to the left and a rock you can jump to on the right. Take the rock on the right and continue jumping across the rocks and platforms until you see a building. Go inside for the third Golden Disc.

Where to Put the Gold Discs

The first Gold Disc can be placed in Tropos, two screens to the right of Buccanary’s shop. When you place the disc in the slot you’ll get a short cutscene.

The second Gold Disc can be placed in Strato to the right of the caterpillar creatures where you see a sign. You’ll need to fight past more caterpillars and get the top of a waterfall to find the location.

The third location is found in Strato above where you went right for the second location but this time fly up and go to the left. You’ll need to fight your way past the spores before find the spot to place the Disc.

Hidden Area

Once all three Gold Discs have been placed go back to Tropos. A wall on the left side of the area will have been removed. Go through and explore the new area for more lore about the Owls.

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