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After the destruction of Advent you’ll be back in Vellie. Leave the house and begin searching for your friends.

Take the exit to the left to find one of the owls at the lookout. On the way back you’ll spot Alphonse hiding behind a bush. He tells you to meet him back at your house.

Fly down and take the lower exit to the right. Solus will run past you. Continue towards the cemetery to find Geddy. After talking with him a few times he’ll also end up back at your house.

Return to your house to meet Alphonse and Geddy and come up with a plan. Leave and fly up to Tropos.


When you get to Tropos you’ll have a chat with Geddy and Alphonse again. If you’ve followed the previous videos you should have all of the collectibles. Fly up and use Alphonse to burn through the vines.


There are quite a few coins to find here and we won’t be able to pick all of them up the first time through. Just above and to the right you’ll spot a chest surrounded by vines. Use Alphonse to blast through them.

Fly up through the next vine and then go right to find the second Boguin.

Pick it up and drop it off on the platform above. It’ll be able to get home from there.

Fly up through the vines and pick up the Rings along the way. When you find the sign pointing upwards instead burn through the vines to the left. You’ll find a bunch of rings and two paths branching out, top left and bottom left.

The path to the bottom left leads to a chest with coins. The path to the top left leads to a Gold Disc.

Fly back to the main path and follow the signs up. Avoid the rolling frog creatures, Slumps, as you make your way up.

When you get to the ledge with the torch go through the secret wall to the right. It doesn’t look like anything but you can fly through it.

On the other side you’ll find a bunch of Rings and a pirate ship. You can enter through the door of the pirate ship.

Once inside drop down and go to the left for a chest with coins. Drop down even further to find more rings and a secret area in Strato.

Grab the Rings and follow the path down and then up through some vines for a bunch of Rings. Then go to the lower left to find a secret chest.

Burn the vines on the left and then drop Alphonse on the button. This opens the wall back to the main chamber of Strato. From here keep flying upwards.

Kill the next 3 Levigates, they look like caterpillar creatures. They can be tough to deal with once they start flying towards you so try to sneak up to them and blast them with the shotgun.

Once you kill all three you’ll be rewarded with a chest.

There is a path above and to the right but it leads to a waterfall that you can’t cross at the moment. Fly up instead until you reach the vines. Explore the path to the left first.

Watch out for the spores because they will poison you if you get hit. At the end of the tunnel you’ll find one of the locations for the Gold Discs.

This is one of three that we need to find to open up a secret at the very end of the game. Make your way back to the intersection and burn through the vines. Continue upwards.

Burn through the leaves and go up to the area above. You’ll meet the strange robed figure again.

Break the chains and fly up to enter the jungle area.

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