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Vellie Caves

From the entrance head left and you’ll find your first set of Rings. Each ring will reward you with 3 Coins. When you see Twig (the guy standing behind the wall) fly up and through the secret wall to the right for 3 Rings.

Grab theĀ  Rings above the button to the right and then stand on the button to open the door below. Go through the door and continue to the left.

Before the next set of 3 Rings drop down through the secret opening at the top of the hill. Inside you’ll find a chest. Pull it out for more Coins.

Twig is hiding behind a wall of rocks to the left. You’ll need to through a rock at the wall to break it open. Fly up and pick up the rock. First break the wall to the right for a Chest.

Grab another rock and use it to break the rock wall to the left. Follow the path around to another rock wall. Before breaking it drop down and fly through the secret wall to the left. Inside you’ll find more Rings. Fly back up and this time you can lure the bearded enemy, called a Torque, to throw a rock at the wall, smashing it so you can fly through.

Head to the left until you get a cutscene. Otus will be stuck on the other side of a rock fall. Fly to the left and hit the screw a few times to open the door.

Break the rock to the left for Coins and fly up. Break the next rock for coins, then kill the next three Torques. You can spin to hit their rocks back at them. Once you’ve killed all 3 a chest will appear.

Fly up and break the shield over the button. Step on the button to open the next door and fly through.

Break the rocks and fly through the passage with the spikes. Once you kill all the flying enemies the next door leading down will open.

Fly down and spin attack the column with the symbols until they align. This opens the next door.

On the other side you’ll find Geddy. Grab Geddy and continue through the tunnel. Kill all the enemies between here and the next button. This spawns in a chest with Coins. Make sure you break all the rocks along the way if you want all of the coins.

Place Geddy on the button and Twig will run away. You’ll need to put something else on the button so you can take Geddy with you. Fly through and pick up the large weight. You can break all the rocks underneath for Coins.

Bring it back and place it on the button. Grab Geddy and continue through the door. Take the upper path, break the rock for Coins and fly up past the branch to the next screen.

Break the rocks and fly through the 3 Rings before continuing through the passage to the right.

Break the rock hiding the button and stand on it to open the next door.

Follow the passage through to the first boss. To defeat it spin attack to make it drop the mask/shield.

Quickly pick up Geddy and fire away. After a couple of rounds it’ll go to the second phase and start flying.

The tactics are the same, spin attack to drop the shield and fire with Geddy.

Take the Mask with you and use it to break the wall of rocks. Head through to the small cavern to find the Ancient Owl Relic.

After the cutscene you’ll be tied up. Swing from left to righ to break the web. Spin into Geddy to break his web as well.

After picking up the device you’ll be able to teleport Geddy, or any other characters you find, directly to you. This means you no longer need to carry them around all the time.

It’s time to leave so break the jars to the right and fly down. Drop Geddy on the button and teleport him back to you. Continue through the passage and step on both buttons to break the floor.

Drop down and fly to the right to exit the caves.


Pirates have invaded Vellie and are looking for something. You’ll need to fly past the patrols by staying out of the spotlights.

If you want to pick up all the coins grab the weight hidden behind a plant at the bottom right. Bring it up to the wall of rocks on the left. Use the weight to smash it and go through for 5 Rings.

You can do this later when the pirates are gone. Fly up past the pirate ships and take the exit at the top to the right to find the laboratory.

After the pirates have left the gates above will open. Before leaving enter Bomboman’s house. If you jump on the bongos in a certain order a Key will be revealed.

Ignore the bongo in the center and bounce right twice, left once and right 3 times, left once, right once.

Grab the key. This is used much later in Mesos for a secret chest. Fly up through the gate to leave Vellie and you’ll get a cutscene.

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