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Fly to the left and you’ll meet Twig. When he gets stuck behind the ice use Alphonse to blast it open.

You’ll get stuck at a windy area and Twig will come back to help you out. He has a grapple ability to grapple past windy areas. He also has a web shot that incapacitates enemies. Use Twig and Alphonse to make it out of the icy passage.

Fly to the right to find a chest inside a block of ice. Use Alphonse to to blast or melt the ice so you can get to the chest.

Ignore the enemies in ice to the left and keep going until you find another chest in ice. Blast it open for the coins.

Fly down the passage at the end and make your past the wall of ice. You’ll spot a keyhole in the cliff wall. This is where you can use Bomboman’s Key.

Inside you’ll find a chest but you can’t get any information about it until after you’ve picked up all the collectibles and the Specter Cloak.

Leave the cave and fly up and around the cliff to Twig’s house. After the cutscene enter the house to see Twig and his family.

Talk to them if you want and then leave the house. Twig will join your team. Fly back to the left and then go up when you get the chance. You’ll need to use Twig’s grapple ability to make your way up.

Go to the left first and break the ice for the final chest for this area.

Fly back down and go to the right. you’ll see an entrance to the pirate’s base. You won’t be able to go any further so return to Twig’s house. They already know about the pirates but will let you use their secret exit through Mesos Passage. This leads back to Tropos.

Mesos Passage

Fly down for the first few Rings, then go through the secret wall on the right side just before the passage narrows.

Fly around the passage for tons of rings and you’ll loop back to the main passage. Continue straight across to the left for another secret passage.

Use Alphonse with the extended blast to shoot the webs off the boulder. Follow it down and you’ll find a Chest.

Fly back up, remember to break the rock along the way. You’ll need to spin into it. When it breaks it will release 9 more coins. That should give you 100/100 coins for this area.

Fly back to the main passage and follow it down. Use Twig to quickly take out the enemies as you go.


When you fly down to Strato keep heading down, burning through the vines as you go. Take out the 3 caterpillar creatures for a blue chest with coins.

Head down a little and take out the flying Gawks. Another chest will appear with another 30 coins.

Follow the passage around and save the final Boguin from the caterpillar.

From the Boguin fly straight up and through the secret in the rocks above for the final 3 Rings.

Fly back down and head across the waterfall for a chest with more coins. This must be a spare chest as I already had all coins collected for the area by the tie I got here.

Fly or drop down the waterfall and head to the left back to Tropos.

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