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Fly to the right and you’ll be straight into a boss fight with some kind of ape creature. This is a tough boss that starts with it jumping all over the screen. You’ll need to shoot the top object off its head.

Watch out for the arm attack as it takes up most of one side of the screen. Fly up to the top corner to avoid it.

For the other attack the ape will send out lightning balls that will float from one side of the screen to the other.

When you knock off the top object hit it a few times and the phase will repeat. In the next phase you just need to hit the ape itself as it bounces around and shoots out lightning balls.

Once you’ve done enough damage you’ll move to the third phase. Fly up to the receptors and quickly move out of the way as the ape tries to grab you.

It will get stuck in the receptor and electrified. Do this again on the other side and the fight will be complete.

The only way out of here is to use the teleporter in the center of the room. This takes you back to Tropos.


You’ll notice a stone appear. Pull it out of the ground, along with the other ones that appear to reactivate the teleporter.

While you’re in the area you can visit Buccanary to get your rewards for finding Coins. When you’re done head back through the teleporter to Molten.


Fly to the right and you’ll find the pirate trying to steal the final relic.

You can try to grab the relic as well but it won’t budge. Fly up for the Rings then take the exit to the lower right.

As you make your way to the next room you’ll pass by a computer. Alphonse will stop and mention something about it. Continue to the right and take out the Wards so you can grab all the Rings. Then take the next exit to the lower right.

As you continue along the passage watch out you don’t get crushed by the pillars. If you have full health you’ll have a slightly faster and longer dash.

Follow the passage up, grabbing the Rings along the way. In the next room take out all of the Molts for a chest with coins. There’s also Rings all around this room.

Make your way around to the left and up past the crushing stones. Fly through the lava room with Wards and you’ll find another computer. Stop to take a look if you want then spin down the screw that acts like a lift.

You’ll get a short cutscene showing the doors above the relic opening. Fly through them to the left. Burn through the leaves and dash past the crushing stones. You’ll find a new enemy, the Kaboon.

Fly up to the top of the room and take the exit to the top left for some Rings and a Chest.

Go back and then fly up. To the right you’ll find the control room but you need two screws to place in the center. Fly back to the left and up until you find the screw.

As soon as you grab it you’ll be attacked by Kaboons. Bring the screw down and place it in the control room.

There is a secret in that area if you go back to where you found the screw and on the right wall there’s a small alcove with some rings. Go through the secret wall to the right.

You’ll find a bunch of Rings and the other screw behind a rock wall. You’ll need to fly back up and around to the right to find it.

Fly up as high as you can, then right past the Molts. There’s another computer to check out and a large screw lift. Ride it down past the flames. At the bottom you’ll find the second screw.

Grab it and go through the secret wall to the left and down to the control room. Once you place the second screw exit to the right side of the control room.

You’ll find the King Kaboon and have to face all of him minions. They’ll come in waves, increasing in number each time.

Save Alphonse’s shotgun blast for when they’re all together.

After the battle exit out the left side and follow the Rings down and to the right. When you reach the relic room land on the giant screw and spin so that it descends into the floor. The lava will bubble up and you’ll need to escape.

Quickly fly up and out of the cavern. You’ll jump straight into a boss fight with a giant snake.

Try to hit its head as it moves quickly across the room. When it stops momentarily you’ll have a chance to use the shotgun and take it out quickly.

After the battle you’ll be riding the giant beast. You can control it by moving left and right to avoid the walls and rocks. Controlling it is difficult because it turns around and around.

If you survive you’ll come out in Mesos.

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