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Twig’s family gave you a clue that the way to the pirate ship is through a waterfall in Tropos. Fly down from above into Tropos you can find the waterfall through the first exit to the right.

You’ll need Twig’s grapple ability to make it across. Fly up to Mesos.


Head through the icy passage and use Twig to grab the red bomb and through it into the crates to clear the way.

Knowing that you can grab the bombs and throw them makes this area a lot easer. When the pirate traps you in grab the blue bomb and throw it back at the pirate.

Head to the left and grapple past or kill the next pirate. Then sneak past the spotlights as you make your way up.

Grab the red bomb and use it to destroy the crate so you can get through. Head across to the left and you’ll find the pirate ship.

Pirate Ship

Fly to the left and you’ll get stuck at the first door. Use Twig to grapple the grate above and pull it free.

Fly up through the dark vents, watching out for the blue bomb along the way. To the right you’ll find the mechanism to open the door. Alphonse will climb inside and the door will open. Fly back and go through the open door.

In the next room there’s a mini boss fight with a pirate. There’s no way to defeat him so you’ll need to escape. Grapple onto the grate and pull it free.

Fly up through the vent to escape. in the dark passages you’ll want to fly left, up and left to find the button to turn off the poisonous smoke. Continue left and down to the room beyond.

Take the lift up to the floor above. The door is locked so you’ll need to go through the vents.

Fly to the right and you’ll spot Molstrom talking to another pirate through a grate. Continue to the right and drop down through the next grate.

Sneak past the next pirates until you reach the ring that you can pull out.

Quickly fly back to the left and up through the hatch you just opened. Dodge past the next pirate and then open the grate above the next pirate.

If you’re spotted you’ll need to fly up through the vents to find the button but you need to fly through it anyway to pull the ring on the left side.

This opens the door below. You’ll need to quickly make your way back through the vent and then past the pirate to make it through the door.

A red bomb will appear. Grab it and use it to blow through the steel door. In the next room you’ll need to use both bombs to break through the door.

In the third room you’ll need to use another two bombs to open the door. If you get spotted they’ll release the poison. Quickly head past the pirate and grab the grate to open the way into the vent.

Dodge past the patrolling bombs as you make your way to the right, down and then to the lower left. You’ll drop down into a room with another ring.

Don’t pull the ring just yet. Instead go back into the vent and fly to the left. Spin attack the gear at the top of the lift to raise it up. You’ll want it lifted all the way up.

Go back to the previous room and pull up the ring and chain. Quickly fly through the door to the left, ride the lift down and fly through the doors to the right.

Continue right and use the lift. Halfway up the lift will break so you’ll fall all the way down. Head to the right and hit the button. Use Twig to grapple across while the door is open.

The doors down and to the right are locked so fly up through the vent. Continue right until you see the button and ring. Pull the ring up to open the hatch. Fly back and drop down the hatch.

Make your way to the right across the bomb chutes. Use Twig to grapple across and you’ll be fine.

Ignore the next vent and continue through the bomb chute to the right. Fly to the end and hit the button. This opens the hatch between bomb chutes. Fly back and drop down to the lower chute. Quickly grapple across to the right before the bombs hit you.

Drop down to another chute and make your way across to the right, then up through another passage. Continue back to the left now and you’ll find Alphonse.

Place the explosive barrels by the door and light them to blast through the door.

Do the same thing in the next room but you’ll need to fly to the left, grapple the barrel from the left side to pull it across before the door closes. You can then place it by the steel door and light it.

In the next room pull the ring and chain to open the door. Quickly use Twig to grapple the barrel and pull it through.

Fly up with the barrel and use it to break through the next door. Then use the barrels to break the crates. This clears a path to the tunnels below.

Take the lower path to the left. This takes you back to the vent with the ring and button. This time pull up the ring and quickly fly out to the left. Drop down the hatch and place Alphonse on the button.

Fly up through the hatch and quickly through the open door to the right before the hatch closes. Go through the door to the boss room.

Pirate Boss Fight

This boss fight is much easier using Twig as he counters all the bosses moves. When the pirate throws daggers from one of the sides use Twig’s ranged web attack to neutralize them.

When the pirate gets ready for a lunging attack use the grapple to grapple past him. He’ll fall down stunned for a few seconds. Switch to Alphonse and get in a shotgun blast before the phase repeats.

You’ll need to do this a few times until the pirate is eventually defeated.

Go through the door to the relic room. Try to attack the chains around the relics. Once you’ve done enough damage you’ll figure out that they can’t be broken.

Head to the right and you’ll find Captain Molstrom. In the meantime Solus will run off with all the relics. After the cutscene you’ll be back in Vellie.

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