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Advent Settlement

After coming out of the Owl Temple fly up through the clouds until you get a cutscene. Once you get control summon Alphonse and he’ll get you out of the building.

After another cutscene you’ll be on the pirate ship. There’s quite a few stealth sections here and it’s better to avoid the pirates than deal with them.

Fly up past the pirates and then back down avoiding the bombs. At the bottom you’ll need to get close enough to activate the bombs so they destroy the blocks.

Take the exit to the right and sneak past the next set of pirates. Use the bombs to break the blocks and then you’ll find someone hiding in the bushes. After the talk continue along the path behind him and get through the next set of bombs and pirates.

Avoid the blue drone bombs by hiding behind the boxes.

Then make your way up to find a scared soldier. He’ll wait there while you search for his friends. Fly to the left, avoid the spotlight from the cannons and continue around until you get locked in another section with a door closing behind you.

Take the path leading up, avoiding the pirates by hiding in the bushes. Eventually you’ll find the first captive. Shoot the cage to release her.

From now on you’ll be carrying her and won’t be able to put her down. She can knock out the pirates so you won’t need to hide from them anymore.

Fly back down and head to the right. Whack the bomb into the crates to free the path. Continue past the next set of bombs. Avoiding all of them can be tricky.

You can whack them out of the way if you time it correctly. Fly left and then down to free the next prisoner. She’ll help you get past the barricades.

Follow the path around, whacking the bombs if you get spotted. When you get back to the barricades Bonanza will destroy them.

Follow the path around and you’ll have the first boss fight with the Chopper.

You can’t damage the Chopper directly, you’ll need to hit or lure the bombs into it. Once you’ve done enough damage it will fly off and the door will open. Fly though and continue avoiding the pirates.

Drop Geddy on the button in the next room to open the next door. Fly behind the boxes to avoid being spotted and head through the open door.

In the next room you’ll need to put Geddy on the button once more. This time there are 2 Choppers searching for you. Dash past the cannons and make your way through the corridors.

In the next passage you’ll need to get spotted so the blue bombs will be sent out. Lure them into the crates to clear the way.

Fly up the next passage with floating bombs and you’ll have a second encounter with the Chopper. This time you need to stick to the Chopper as closely as possible. The homing missiles will strike the helicopter instead of you.

After it’s taken enough damage it’ll be destroyed and the door will open. Continue through the door to the right.

In the next section you’ll need to make it to the Pirate Ship without being hit by the missiles. Hide behind the rocks as you make progress towards the ship. After each shot advance a little further.

Once you’re close enough enter the ship.

Pirate Ship

Fly up and around to the right until you get some dialogue. Fly to the top of the shaft and then through the open door to the right until you find the Engine Room.

After the explosion you’ll take control of Alphonse. Just run to the left, jumping over the fire as you go. When you drop down the shaft Otus will wake up.

Take the path up and to the left. Avoid the fire from the broken pipes. If you get lit on fire spin until it goes out.

Take the lift up and continue to the left for a final cutscene. Afterwards you’ll be back in Vellie.

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