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You may want to travel about during the day for this guide. To change between night and day go back to the Old House and sleep on the bed. There are 12 treasures to collect and all of them are found inside silver chests.

Treasure 1:  After collecting all 20 Fairies they’ll leave behind a gift, the secret treasure Spring Falls.

Treasure 2: Take a look at the sails of the windmill. You’ll see an indent along one side of each of them. Now look at Page 53 from the manual. The single white dot indicates the beginning. The line of roped takes you from the top sails to the second line of sails and the 2 dots represent the end of the sequence. You’ll be rewarded with the Sacred Geometry treasure.


Treasure 3: The windchime outside the Old House plays a tune. Using the key on Page 34 of the manual you can work out the code. You’ll be rewarded with the Power Up treasure.


Treasure 4: Go through the very first door you opened in the game In side you’ll see a pattern on the wall. Type out the pattern to open the wall and find the Mr. Mayor treasure.


Treasure 5: Head back to the first teleporter at the beginning of the game and look at Page 11 of the Manual. Follow the path from the large dots to all the other dots. You’ll be rewarded with the Back to Work treasure.


Treasure 6: Go back to the little island between the west and middle bridge in the Overworld. On Page 51 there’s a clue to stand still in the water with the SOUND OFF for 60 seconds.

If you have Page 1 of the manual a new message will appear “The softest feather, Corrected eleven times, Departed once more.” Follow these instructions and press


A Silver Chest will appear. Open it for the Vintage treasure.

Treasure 7: Go down to the Lower Forest, kill all the spiders and look for the slime on the ledge. Use the Ice Dagger and Fire Rod together to freeze it. Then grapple up to it with the Magic Orb. Open the silver chest for the Regal Weasel treasure.

Treasure 8: Teleport over to the Forest Fortress/East Vault and make your way to the Hero’s Grave. Dash across the gaps to the north and enter the cave.

Attack the 4 piles of leaves to clear them out and a silver chest will appear. Inside you’ll find the Dusty treasure.

Treasure 9: Go to the teleporter hub and look at Page 41 of the manual. There’s a clue about a secret path off to the left.

Dash across to find a silver chest with the Forever Friend treasure.

Treasure 10: Head over to the Ruined Atoll and dash across to the island in the very southwest corner. You’ll find a Silver Chest with the Phonomath treasure inside.

Treasure 11: Make your way to the Swamp and go to the southeastern section. You’ll spot 4 Golden Skulls. Roll each of them into the little puddle and a chest with the Just Some Pals treasure will appear.

One skull is up on the ledge above and the other three are below. They can be tricky to roll and will often get caught in the large puddles. One of the golden skulls is behind the gravestone in the puddle.

Treasure 12: If you follow the walkthrough for The Cathedral than you will have already unlocked the path to the final treasure. It can only be done at night time. Take the secret path into the cathedral by going down the ladder at the front and then following the path around to the left.

The back door will be open so go inside and open the chest for the A Secret Legend treasure.

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