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Elevated Temples

Fast travel to the shrine at the top of the Elevated Temples. Take the exit to the left twice, drop down and dash through the barrier. Open the chest for the Miniature Pincushion Rosary Bead (1)

Mother of Mothers

Make your way to the Symbol Room (1) in Mother of Mothers. If you’ve found all 10 Hidden Symbols you’ll get a ton of Tears from the chest, 69100 Tears in total.

Profundo Lamento

By now you should have all the pieces of the Unfinished Lullaby and have the Lullaby of the White Shore. Drop down and enter the room (1) with the strange NPC.

Give her the Lullaby of the White Shore and you’ll be thrown into a short platforming section. It may take a few attempts to make it through.

If you complete it successfullly you’ll be rewarded with the Tiento to your Thorned Hairs prayer.

Garden of High Choirs

Make your way to Proximo at the base of the Garden of High Choirs. If you’ve found all the Cherubs Proximo will unlock all of the platforms leading up to the top of the tower.

Climb up the tower to find a Mark of Martyrdom, 2 Marks of Martyrdom, 3 Marks of Martyrdom and finally 4 Marks of Martyrdom and a Giant Rattle.

Climb up the wall hidden behind the leaves on the left side to the very top of the tower where you’ll find the Gregal Altarpiece.

Take the exit to the right half-way up the tower into the Elevated Temples. Go to the right and drop down for a chest with the Obolus of Proximo Rosary Bead.

Drop down anhd give the Giant Rattle to Proximo. As a reward he’ll give you the Remembrance of Proximo Altarpiece.

The Severed Tower

Return to The Severed Tower and go up to the Wax Room two rooms above the Portal Room. Plant all 6 Wax Seeds and you’ll be rewarded with the Remembrance of Cesareo Altarpiece.

City of the Blessed Name

Return to the City and go up to the Sister’s Room. You should have found all sisters by now. Give them a final payment and you’ll be rewarded with the Cobijada Mayor Altarpiece.

With all the Tears you should be able to purchase all the items at the shops. When you’re ready ready to the Streets of Wakes.

Streets of Wakes

From the Shrine at the eastern side of the area go to the Hand to the left and give all of the Fervent Kisses.

If you didn’t kneel you’ll be given the Broken Key so you can enter the room behind it for a Mark of Martyrdom. If you did kneel don’t worry. You can go to the Forlorn Patio Merchant on the western side of the Streets to buy the Broken Key.

No enter the Daughter’s Room to the right of the shrine and take up all the challenges. There are five in total. You’ll be rewarded after completing each challenge.

First Challenge – Tirso Altarpiece
Second Challenge – The Thirst Altarpiece
Third Challenge – Empty Receptacle
Fourth Challenge – Ornate Chalice
Fifth Challenge – Lebeche Altarpiece

The Letters

Sealed Envelope #1 can be found in one of the upper rooms of the Streets of Wakes.

Once you  have it in your inventory open the sealed envelope to begin the side quest. You’ll need to find a series of envelopes leading to a certain location. Each of the letters has clues to the next location.

Sealed Envelope #2 can be found in the mirror room of Two Moons.

Kneel in front of the large mirror so you can see your own reflection and wait there a few seconds. You’ll be given the next envelope.

Sealed Envelope #3 can be found back in the City of the Blessed Name. Stand on the edge of the pit down to Profundo Lamento. Apparently there was a scream when you first entered this room although I don’t remember it. After standing on the edge for a few seconds you’ll be given the third envelope.

Sealed Envelope #4 can be found in Mother of Mothers.

Head to the location (1) shown on the map and break the wall behind the bell. It will open and inside you’ll find the next envelope.

Sealed Envelope #5 takes you once more back to the city. Stand outside the shop on the eastern side of the City and walk under the skull above the shop door. Walk back and then back a third time.

The final clue leads you to the Sea of Ink. Find the to the left of the bottom of the lift, overlooking the Sea of Ink.

Throw yourself off the edge. Instead of dying the curse of the unforgiven will be lifted. You’ll be rewarded with the Seguiriya to the Memory of your Eyes prayer.

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