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You’ll need to unlock the Recorder before entering level 2. Head towards the back of the temple and turn off to the left. Complete the puzzle with yellow sigils. Here’s one solution.

Cemetery (Red)

Head around until you find the Connector by the red laser and the two Droids. Use the Connector to block in the first Droid while simultaneously connecting the red laser to the barrier.

Grab the Box in the next room and stop the second Droid from interrupting the beam. Go through the barrier, grab the second Connector and use it to open the next barrier. When it opens go through for the Red Sigil.

Rapunzel (Red)

Climb up the ladder in the center and drop down on the right side where you’ll find 2 Boxes.

Juggle them on the pressure pads to get out of the yard. Use a Box to open the other barrier and grab the Platform. I like to use the Platform on the pressure plate and bring one box up onto the ledge and place the second box by the tall center structure with the ladder.

Start recording, grab the Platform and stand by the ledge. Wait a few seconds then go up to the center by the ladder. Jump onto the box and jump up and down a few times.

End the recording, place a Box on the platform, grab the other box and stand on the box on the platform. You should be almost level with the top of the ladder.

When the shadow version goes over to the ladder jump off and grab the two boxes. Place them down on the Pressure Plates and grab the Red Sigil.

The Short Wall (Red)

This is more of an introduction to using the Platform. Start the recording, grab the Platform and stand by the ledge with the stairs. Walk over to the wall, then go around the other side. Lastly walk over to the wall with the sigil. Turn the recording off.

Now you’ll need to quickly jump onto the platform while the shadow is by the stairs. Then onto the center ledge and over the other side.

Lastly jump over the short wall and grab the Red Sigil.

A Ditch and a Fence (Red)

Place the Box by the back wall. Start the recording, grab the Platform and stand in the pit for a few seconds. Then stand on the box by the wall. Stop the recording.

While the shadow version is standing in the pit place the box on top. Grab the Connector and connect the laser to the blue barrier. Place it on the box on the platform. When the shadow stands on the box by the wall the barrier will open.

Go through and grab the Red Sigil.

Star #19

Stay in A Ditch and a Fence and solve the problem again, this time instead of putting a connector on the box on the platform stand on it yourself. Then jump over the back fence. Run around to the right to find the Star.

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