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World B Level 4

Wrap Around the Corner (Red)

This gives you an introduction to using the Camera. Press the button to start the recording. Grab the Connector and place it down so it can connect to the blue barrier. Wait a few seconds before pressing the button to end the recording.

When the shadow version places the connector down place the real Connector down to bring the laser to it. The barrier will open.

Self Help Tutorial (Green)

Turn on the camera and stand on the button for a few seconds. Press the button. When the shadow steps on the button go through the barrier and pull the switch to turn off the barrier.

Do another recording and stand on the second button. End the recording, and go through the two barriers to the Green Sigil.

Double Plate (Green)

Start the recording and stand on the left button and then the right button. This opens the first and then the second barriers.

End the recording and go through the barriers as they open. On the other side you’ll find the Green Sigil.

Redundant Power Supply (Red)

Start the recording and stand on the button to the left by the barrier with the box behind it. End the recording and grab the Box.

Start the recording, place the Box under a laser and stand on it to break the connection. Wait there about 10 seconds and end the recording.

Stand on the box to break the other laser and wait for the shadow recording to the same.

With both lasers down the fan will be unpowered. Quickly grab the box, put it on the button to the barrier and go through to grab the Red Sigil.

A Box Up High

When you enter parts of the puzzle will start to phase in and out. Once it’s been fixed grab the Connector and use it to open the blue barriers.

Go through the one on the left to grab another Connector. Place it on the button to the right and grab the third Connector.

Bring the blue laser around so you can power the fan and blow the Box onto the ground.

The sigil is behind a red barrier but the red laser is on the other side of the puzzle. You’ll need to power the fan and shoot the red laser over the walls.

Place a box on the fan and a connector on top that powers the fan. The box and connector will lift into the air.

Take a connector to the other side and connect the laser from the connector in the air to the red barrier blocking the sigil. Go through for the Red Sigil.

The Right Angle (Red)

Grab the Connector and connect the laser to the first red barrier. The Droid will block the path so place the Connector far to one side. You’ll have just enough time to open the barrier before the Droid blocks the path.

Go through and pick up the Box. Use the Box on the first Droid to block it in so it doesn’t disrupt the laser. Use the second Connector to open the second barrier.

Go through and grab the Red Sigil.

Star #13

Around to the left after grabbing the sigil in The Right Angle you’ll find a small room with a Box on a button. Grab the box and place it on the trapped Droid. Pick up a Connector, jump on top and then to the top of the wall on the left.

Drop down on the other side to find Star #13. Use the fan to get blown out of the puzzle while still holding the Connector.

Star #14

At the top of the pyramid is a hidden laser emitter and in the center front of the sphinx is a receiver. Connect the laser up to the sphinx to open a secret door between its paws where you’ll find Star #14.

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