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World B Level 7

The Terminal will be just in front of you when you enter. There’s 4 Sigils and 2 Stars to find in this level. Behind the wall on the opposite side of the area from the pyramid you’ll find a second Terminal. You’ll also find an Audiolog next to the puzzle entrance to Bouncing Side by Side and another one by Big Lump of Mine.

A Fan Across Forever (Red)

There’s a red laser to the left, a fan in the center and a Jammer to the right. Grab the Jammer and disable the red barrier in the center. Go through for a Box.

Bring the Box back and use it to activate the fan. Grab the Jammer and use the fan to get up to the ledge.

Head down the stairs and jam the barrier to get the Box. There’s also a Connector here. Take the Jammer, Box and Connector back to the center.

Use the Connector to open the center red barrier and then jam it from the other side. Take the Connector in, jam the next barrier and use the Connector to bring the blue laser to open the blue barrier. Inside you’ll find another Connector.

Place the second Connector down by the red barrier with the Sigil and go back to the center. Place the first Connector on a box on the fan and connect it to the red laser. When it lifts up you’ll be able to see it with the second Connector and open the red barrier to the Sigil.

Whole Lotta Jamming (Red)

Run around on the left side to find a Jammer. Use it on the barrier on the left side to find the Keys. Go back and look through the window to the Droids. Jam one of them to separate them so you’ll be able to run past them later.

Run past both of them, open the gate with the keys and grab the second Jammer. Just watch out for the third Droid. You can find safety in a side room as it passes.

Sneak back with the second Jammer and disable the first barrier with the droids from the inside. You can then go and grab the first Jammer. Disable the two barriers further on to find a third Jammer.

Now you’ll need to take all 3 Jammers back past the Droids. Head over to the right side of the puzzle and disable the barrier from the inside. Use the Jammers to disable another barrier and then the two turrets so you can get the Red Sigil.

Bouncing Side By Side (Yellow)

Grab the Connector on the left and use it to open the blue barrier on the right. Go through for a second Connector. You’ll notice a star behind a red barrier but we’ll pick it up later.

For now use a Connector to block off one of the Droids. Then use the other Connector to open the blue barrier. With one of the Droids blocked the barrier will have enough time to open.

Grab the Connector as you pass through and use it on the button to open the barrier to the Red Sigil.

Big Lump of Mine (Yellow)

This is a fun puzzle that may look impossible at first. Place a Box by the platform and grab another one as you jump up. From the platform you can place a box on a Droids head and ride it.

Find the one passing in front of the platform and put a box on it. Grab the other Box and jump to the Droid.

Place a box on the droid going to the other platform, jump to it, grab the first box and ride it over. Place a box on the button to open the barrier and use the other one to climb up to the Yellow Sigil.

Star #16

Stay inside Big Lump of Mine and this time ride the Droids over to the right side of the puzzle. Make sure you take a Box with you.

Jump over the wall and you’ll be free of the puzzle with a Box. Take it over to the building in front of the pyramid. Place it on the button to activate the fan and use it to boost up to the star.

Star #17

Return to A Fan Across Forever and use the center fan to lift a Connector up with 3 Boxes underneath it. Make sure it’s connected to the red laser.

Run back to Bouncing Side by Side, open the blue barrier and then use a Connector to deflect the red laser to the red barrier with the star.

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