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Check out the Terminal and Audiolog if you want, then head into the first puzzle. There’s a second Terminal to the right of the Time Flies puzzle.

Time Crawls

Place the Box on the pressure plate to the right.

Start the recording and take the Connector through the barrier. Connect to the blue laser behind the other barrier but inside the barrier you just opened. You want to see the laser and through the window on the left.

Continue through the puzzle and stand on the next pressure plate. Wait there for about 20 seconds and then return to stop the recording.

Grab the Box and wait for the shadow to stand on the button leading further into the puzzle. Connect from the shadow connector through the window and then to the blue barrier. Run through for the Red Sigil.

Time Flies (Red)

Place the Box on the pressure plate to the right. Go through and grab the Connector. Bring it back and put the Box on top of the fan.

Start the recording and stand on the right pressure plate for about 20 seconds.

Stop the recording, grab the Connector and run to the back of the puzzle to connect the red barrier to the connector. Connect also the red laser and the fan power. Place the Connector on the Box which is on the fan.

Start the recording, grab the Connector and connect the red laser to the fan power. Stand on the left pressure plate to get access to the red laser. The Box will fly in the air.

Wait for about 20 seconds and stop the recording. Watch the shadow activate the laser and the connector on the box on the fan will activate.

Star #23

After picking up the Sigil in Time Flies walk up the steps and then along the top of the wall to the right. You’ll be able to drop into a yard with the Star.

Up Close and Jammed (Red)

Place the 2 Boxes on top of each other between the Jammer and the small ledge. Jump onto the boxes and grab the Jammer. The Mine Droid won’t explode as long as you’re on top of the boxes.

Jam the barrier and go through. Bring the 2 Boxes through the barrier and place them on the patrolling droid. Attach the Connector from the blue laser to the blue barrier and place it on the boxes.

When the droid moves into range of the laser it will connect. Grab the second Connector and place it by the blue barrier to bring he laser to the receptor. Run through for the Red Sigil.

Star #24

Go through Up Close and Jammed as normal but instead of placing the Connector on the boxes jump on them yourself. Jump to the fence on the left before you get too close to the turret.

Jump over the fence for the Star.

Dumbwaiter (Red)

Use the Connector to open the barrier to the right. Inside you’ll find 2 Boxes. Place one on the fan and the other on the pressure plate to open the other barrier.

Place the connector down so you can power the fan. Run through the barrier and up the stairs. Grab the Box and place it down on the ledge.

Run back through the barrier. Take the Box on the pressure plate and put it on the ledge opposite the blue laser. Place the Connector on top to power the fan at the back.

The box will get blown onto the pressure plate, opening the barrier to the Red Sigil.

Star #25

Enter Time Flies and get the Connect airborne while connected to the red laser.

Enter Up Close and Jammed and connect the Connector from the ledge by the patrolling droid to the red laser and then the receptor on the wall behind where you picked up the sigil.

Enter Dumbwaiter and go around the back of the puzzle up the stairs. Jump across to the gap in the wall that has appeared after connecting the laser.

On the other side you’ll find the Star.

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