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Star #1 (World A Level 1)

For the first star you’ll need to take a Jammer with you past the droid and turret. Follow the path forwards and enter the courtyard. Head through the arch to the back right. Immediately to the right behind a tree you’ll find a Switch. Pull it to open the gate. Go through with the Jammer and open the barrier for Star #1.

Star #2 (World A Level 2)

Complete the puzzle The Guards Must Be Crazy. Behind the droids a gate will have opened. Go through to find the Keys and a ladder out of the puzzle.

Behind the portal is a locked gate. Use the Keys to open it and go through to find a Connector. Turn around and go to the right side of the portal. Run around behind the small building and disable the barrier to find Star #2.

Star #3 (World A Level 3)

In the center of the level with the pillars press the Buttons at the base of pillars  VII and XX. Part of the water will drain away and steps will appear leading down to Star #3.

Star #4 (World A Level 3)

Enter a Bit Tied Up and make sure you bring all the Jammers with you to the end. After disabling the turrets with two Jammers use the third Jammer to disable the barrier for Star #4.

Star #5 (World A Level 4)

From Above All That use the Connector to target the Connector on top of the Obelisk in the distance with the red laser.

Leave the puzzle and enter Push it Further. Use a Connector to target the connector on the obelisk and bring the red laser to the red barrier behind a building hidden by bushes. Inside you’ll find the Star #5.

Star #6 (World A Level 5)

Enter the puzzle One Little Buzzer and grab the Connector from the left side. Connect the laser to it and place it just in front of the purple barrier.

Enter the puzzle directly opposite, Things to Do With Two Boxes. Turn around to face the entrance and pull the switch around the corner.

This lowers a wall on the other side of the entrance. Behind it you’ll see the star behind a barrier. There’s also a Connector to the right. Grab it and connect the laser from the other puzzle to open the barrier so you can grab Star #6.

Star #7 (World A Level 5)

Enter the puzzle Friendly Crossfire. Pick up the Jammer and use it to disable the barrier to the back right. Wait for the Droid to come out and destroy the Turret.

Disable the barrier again. You’ll need to quickly run under the turret to get through the open barrier. On the other side you’ll find Star #7.

Star #8 (World A Level 6)

Run to far side of the level and look behind the low wall on the right side to find a box.

From the portal find the low wall on the left side. Place the box near the center of the low wall so you can jump onto it, then onto the small wall protruding from the higher wall, then over the wall into the yard beyond.

Inside you’ll find Star #8 and Terminal #2.

Star #9 (World A Level 7)

Enter Two Pesky Little Buzzers and grab the 2 Connectors and the Box. Place one Connector on the box close to the entrance. And the other Connector so it can see the first Connector and the star.

Enter Locked from the Inside and bring the blue laser through the entrance to the Connector in Two Pesky Little Buzzers.

Go into Two Pesky Little Buzzers and use the second Connector to open the barrier to Star #9.

Star #10 (World B Level 1)

From Something about a Star grab the Connector and place it by the entrance. Enter Window through a Door directly opposite. Grab two of the Connectors so you can send the red laser through the exit.

Go back to Something about a Star and use the red laser to open the red barrier for Star #10.

Star #11 (World B Level 2)

From The Tomb pick up the Jammer and take the other path back. Use Connectors to open the first barrier and take the Jammer out. Looking towards the exit there’s a dark path to the left.

Head down the path and use the Jammer to open the barrier at the end. Bring a Connector down the path to the left and connect it to the red barrier. Bring a second Connector out to the right and you’ll see the red laser from Moonshot.

Connect the red laser to the first Connector and the barrier will open. Go through for Star #11.

Star #12 (World B Level 3)

Inside Whoosh! place the two Boxes down closer to the wall by the blue laser. Ride the fan up and jump to the boxes and then to the top of the wall.

Grab a Box before dropping down on the other side. Place the Box on the button around the corner. Look up and you should see the Connector flying in the air.

Climb the ladder and leave the puzzle. Enter the next puzzle along on the left called Blown Away. There’s a red receptacle by the entrance.

Use the Connector to bring the blue laser to the blue receptacle through the barrier. You’ll need to stand on the button to open the barrier. A Box will get thrown over the fence.

Grab the Box and place it near the back wall. Connect the red laser from the previous puzzle to the red receptacle.

When the wall opens go through for Star #12.

Star #13 (World B Level 4)

Around to the left after grabbing the sigil in The Right Angle you’ll find a small room with a Box on a button. Grab the box and place it on the trapped Droid. Pick up a Connector, jump on top and then to the top of the wall on the left.

Drop down on the other side to find Star #13. Use the fan to get blown out of the puzzle while still holding the Connector.

Star #14 (World B Level 4)

At the top of the pyramid is a hidden laser emitter and in the center front of the sphinx is a receiver. Connect the laser up to the sphinx to open a secret door between its paws where you’ll find Star #14.

Star #15 (World B Level 5)

Inside Behind the Iron Curtain you’ll need to reset the puzzle so you can grab the two boxes. Bring them up the fan to the ledge but don’t drop them down. Instead place one in the air stream and the other on the edge of the ledge so you can jump up them and over the wall.

Over the edge you’ll see a little courtyard with two fans.

Grab the fan piece and use the other fan to get blown over the wall. Place the fan piece down at the base of the obelisk. It needs to get powered by a blue laser.

Enter Slightly Elevated Sigil and grab the items. Place the box on the fan, power the fan with the blue laser and jump on the box while holding a Connector. From here you can jump to the top of the wall. Place the Connector down so it powers the fan at the base of the obelisk.

Drop down, ride the fan up to the top of the obelisk and grab Star #15.

Star #16 (World B Level 7)

Inside Big Lump of Mine and this time ride the Droids over to the right side of the puzzle. Make sure you take a Box with you.

Jump over the wall and you’ll be free of the puzzle with a Box. Take it over to the building in front of the pyramid. Place it on the button to activate the fan and use it to boost up to the Star.

Star #17 (World C Level 1)

Return to A Fan Across Forever and use the center fan to lift a Connector up with 3 Boxes underneath it. Make sure it’s connected to the red laser.

Run back to Bouncing Side by Side, open the blue barrier and then use a Connector to deflect the red laser to the red barrier with the Star.

Star #18 (World C Level 1)

Bring a Jammer to the entrance of Labyrinth and look out to the left side. Use the Jammer to disable the Turret outside the puzzles.

Enter The Conservatory puzzle and bring a blue laser to the back window. You may need to partially complete the puzzle again if it’s reset.

Leave the puzzle and run around to the right side to the Turret that you just disabled. In front of it you’ll find a Connector. Keep running around and connect the blue laser through the window to the blue barrier.

Go through and grab the Star.

Star #19 (World C Level 2)

From A Ditch and a Fence and solve the problem again, this time instead of putting a connector on the box on the platform stand on it yourself. Then jump over the back fence. Run around to the right to find the Star.

Star #20 (World C Level 3)

Reset the puzzles and then enter Jammer Quarantine. Complete it until the Connector is airborne and connected to the blue laser.

Enter Three Little Connectors… and a Fan. Complete it until you can get a Connector airborne and connect it to the blue laser from Jammer Quarantine. The first Connector is behind the building with the red laser. You can just spot it through the trees.

Use a second Connector to power the fan and send it up in the air.

Return to Weathertop. The Star is up over a ledge on the left as soon as you enter but you’ll need to find 3 boxes to make a staircase up to it.

Complete the puzzle as before until you free two of the Boxes. Use the second box to free the first after you escape with the Jammer.

Run around the back with the Jammer to grab the second Connector.

For the third box is behind the barrier that needs the blue laser. Use the two connectors, one at the entrance to pick up the laser from Three Little Connectors.

Open the blue barrier and go through with the Jammer to open the final barrier. Grab Box #3 and bring it back to the entrance. Staircase up to the ledge and you’ll find the Star on the other side.

Star #21 (World C Level 4)

In Throne Room attach the fan piece to the fan by the stairs. Take the Box to the top of the stairs if you haven’t already and place it in the air stream. Jump on top of the box and then do a big jump to the ledge.

From there do a running jump to the Star in the corner.

Star #22 (World C Level 4)

Before you leave Oubliette start the recording again. Grab the Platform and stand by the ledge for a second, then run around to the right and stand by the barrier. Stop the recording. Grab the Box and jump on the Platform. Ride it around to the barrier and jump over it.

Use the Box on the barrier with the Star. Then place the Box on the barrier to get out.

Star #23 (World C Level 5)

After picking up the Sigil in Time Flies walk up the steps and then along the top of the wall to the right. You’ll be able to drop into a yard with the Star.

Star #24 (World C Level 5)

Go through Up Close and Jammed as normal but instead of placing the Connector on the boxes jump on them yourself. Jump to the fence on the left before you get too close to the turret. Jump over the fence for the Star.

Star #25 (World C Level 5)

Enter Time Flies and get the Connect airborne while connected to the red laser.

Enter Up Close and Jammed and connect the Connector from the ledge by the patrolling droid to the red laser and then the receptor on the wall behind where you picked up the sigil.

Enter Dumbwaiter and go around the back of the puzzle up the stairs. Jump across to the gap in the wall that has appeared after connecting the laser. On the other side you’ll find the Star.

Star #26 (World C Level 6)

From within the Seven Doors of Recording bring the Jammer and Connector around the back. Use the Jammer on the first barrier and the Connector and pressure pad to open the second. Start a recording and wait for 20 seconds.

Run around the back, grab the Jammer and use it to open the third barrier holding the Star.

Star #27 (World C Level 7)

From Dead Man’s Switch bring the last Connector further down so you can still see the third Connector and also the blue barrier to the Star.

Star #28 (Messenger World C)

Head around the  side of the cliff to the right and you’ll see a bust of a statue looking at a statue on a floating island. Follow the faint path and keep going across the gap. You won’t fall down. Behind the rocks you’ll find Star #28.

Star #29 (Back of Tower)

Go to the temple in World C and take the Axe. Bring it back and break the wooden boards blocking blue laser around the back. Take the elevator to the first floor and complete the puzzle.

Grab the 2 Connectors and take them outside the puzzle by going through the gap in the back left corner behind a pillar. Take them down the lift and around the side where you see a laser behind a wooden barrier. Head down to the World C Temple and bring back the Axe. Use the axe to break the wooden barrier.

Place one Laser far off into the distance just before the cliff edge and target the laser. Place the other targeting the first and the blue barrier inside the small building. Go through for the Star.

Star #30 (Tower Floor 5)

Jump out the window before the puzzle to land on one of the small ledges. Drop down to the lowest ledge and climb out by the pigeons.

Do a leap of faith off the edge and you’ll drop down through a hole in the roof to a room below where you’ll find the final star, Star #30.

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