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The large crater in the middles holds one of the more difficult puzzles of the game. We’ll save that for last. Heading around the outside anti-clockwise you’ll come to Bunny Hop.

Bunny Hop

You’ll need to use the boxes to make your way up to the switch so you can free the prisoner. First grab a box and place it down on the left side so you can jump up to the left ledge and grab the Connector.

You want to get both boxes airborne. Start with the blue laser. Place the connector on top of the box. Once the blue laser is powered the box will float.

Place the second box on the small ledge by the blue laser so you can stand on it and grab the connector back. The blue fan should now remain powered as the box is floating above the blue laser.

Place the box by the left ledge and place the Connector back on the ledge. Connect the red laser to the receptor to power the red fan.

Place the box on the red fan. It’s too high to jump up so you’ll need to block the red laser with your body temporarily.

Quickly run and jump onto the box. When it lifts up jump across the other box to the ledge with the switch. Pull the switch to rescue the prisoner.

Static Vexer

Use the two connectors to bring the blue laser through the window to the blue receptor on the first barrier. Once you have the connectors set up you’ll need to jam the blue laser barrier through the window.

Go through and pick up the second Jammer. Jam the first barrier from the inside and bring everything through.

Jam the second barrier and the blue laser barrier. Bring a connector through and attach it to the blue laser receptor, second barrier and third barrier receptors. Use the second connector to bring the laser to it.

You should now have both jammers free. Jam the droid and then jam it from the other side closer to the third barrier.

Jam the third barrier with the first jammer and quickly grab the second jammer. Jam the third barrier from the inside and take the first jammer with you. Jam the final barrier and pull the switch to rescue the prisoner.

As you exit you’ll notice a Star behind a gate with two droids. You need the red laser to open it so we’ll get to that later.


Grab the Connector and place it down closer to the center of the ringed structure. Grab the second connector blocking the laser and all the fans will activate.

Grab one of the connectors and use one of the fans to get boosted up to the first level. Run around until you can see the blue laser. Connect it to the back of one of the fans on the ground floor and you’ll activate one of the higher level fans.

Drop down, grab the other connector and boost up to the first and then the second floor from the ground. You want to place the connector down attached to the first connector in such a way that the blue laser blocks the red laser.

The upper ring structure will lower down. Grab the connector so the red laser is active again and quickly jump onto the center ring structure before it lifts up. Ride it up and then grab the Keys in the center.

Drop down to the ground and use the keys to open the gate. Pull the switch to open the next prisoner.

Cube Driver

Enter the puzzle and you’ll spot a droid going back and forth in a room with a red and blue laser. Place a box on the fan with a connector on top. Power the blue receptor to make it airborne. When the droid is lifted up as well unpower the fan.

You’ll notice a Star up in the air. We’ll get to that later. For now run around through the purple barrier and up the stairs so you can grab the Connector from on top of the droid.

This is how you’ll pass items around the purple barrier. Do this another 2 times until you have 3 Connectors on the other side of the barrier.

Grab the Box from the droid as well. Place one connector on top of the stairs where you can see the droid.

Drop down and use the fourth connector in the room with the droid to bring the red laser up to the one on top of the stairs. Use the connector on top of the stairs to open up the red barrier. This reveals the blue laser.

Use the two free Connectors to bring the red and blue lasers to the next barrier. Place the Box on the pressure plate behind it to open the final barrier. Go through and pull the switch to free the prisoner.

Star #5

Stay in Cube Driver and bring the Box to the other side of this area with the water and fallen pillars. Walk up the pillars while holding the Box and onto the low wall. Continue across another broken pillar and onto a stone beam.

Place the Box down at the end so you can stand on it. You will jump across the gap but not now.

Drop down and grab the Connector for the blue laser. Make your way back up to the Box and this time jump across the gap.

Place the Connector at the end so it powers the blue fan.

Drop down and use the fan to reach the Star above.


Drop down into the center of the area for the most difficult puzzle of the game. This takes place in the entire center of the zone.

First grab the Jammer from the low pedestal. There are two sides to this puzzle and they look very similar so it’s easy to get confused. One has the red laser and the other the blue laser and a Star.

Jam the barrier on the far end of the side with the blue laser and star. This side has a Connector in it. The star and fan piece is just to the left hidden under a low roof.

Grab the Connector and take it through the barrier you just jammed. Take the Jammer around to the other side and disable the next barrier. Take the Connector through to the segment with the blue laser.

Connect the blue laser to the Connector on the central structure. A fence is in the way but it will get airborne soon.

Bring the Jammer over to the other side and disable the barrier next to the red laser. Connect it to the Connector and go through to the next section. Use the second Connector on this side to open the next barrier.

This leads to the final segment on this side with another 2 Connectors and a fan piece behind a small barrier. To get the fan piece you’ll need to bring both lasers to this side.

Use a Connecter to bring the red laser to the red receptor with the fan piece and also across to the central structure. This activates the fan.

Use the other Connector to bring the blue laser from the center to the blue receptor with the fan piece. You can now grab the Fan Piece.

Place the Fan Piece on the fan on this side. Grab the Connector holding the blue laser move it so that it powers the fan.

Boost across and you’ll pick up the Keys automatically. Grab the Connector along the way and drop it off before you land beyond the fence on the other side. You want this Connector to be outside the main puzzle sections. If it falls in the water you can pick it up.

Put the Connector on the small pedestal/tile where you found the Jammer. Leave it there for now.

Open the gate behind it using the keys and pull the switch to rescue the prisoner.

Star #6

Grab the Jammer and look over the fence at the barrier with the Star and Fan Piece. If you jump you’ll be able to target the barrier. I find you need to click just as you’re descending from your highest point. After a few tries you’ll get it.

Run around the fence and grab the Star. Take the Fan Piece and place it outside the barrier so you can free up the Jammer for the next Star.

Star #7

Continuing on from the progress we made in Crater attach the blue laser to the Connector on the small pedestal. You’ll want to power the blue fan on the other side.

Use the spare connector to keep the barrier open and power the blue fan.

Use the blue fan to boost across. Grab the Box along the way and bring it all the way to the other side.

Leave the Box here and go back around to the blue fan. Grab the final 2 Connectors one at a time on the red laser line and use the fan to bring them across to the side with the Box.

There should still be one Connector next to the red laser. Use the Jammer to open the barrier near to where you picked up the last star and fan piece. Place the Fan Piece on the red fan.

Jam the other side of this same segment so you can bring the red laser through to power the fan and keep the barrier open.

Put the Box on the fan so it boosts across to the other side. The other fan will blow it back again. You want to bump into it halfway so you fall onto the central structure. In the middle you’ll find the next Star. You may need to hop over the low fence to reach it.

Star #8

Reset the Crater puzzle. This time all you need to do is get the red laser airborne.

Use the Jammer to open the barrier next to the red laser. Use the Connectors to bring it around so you can power the fan in the center.

With that in place use the fan to get boosted out of the Crater. Enter Static Vexer. This is the puzzle with the Star between the droids behind the gate.

From the entrance target the airborne red laser.

Use the second Connector to target the receptor for the gate on the left side. Once the gate is opened it will remain open.

You still have the 2 Droids to deal with so make your way through the puzzle the same way as before so you have 2 Jammers free at the end. Use the Jammers to disable the two droids and grab the Star.

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